Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hanormale: a violin player into the band + third album on arrival!

I received from the Italian "psychedelic black metal" band Hanormale these news:

Zrcadlo, already violinist in Trewa, Celtic Harp Orchestra and Furor Gallico (session live from 2015 to 2017) as Filippo Pedretti (the main in the pic below), is the new violinist of Hanormale.
The band that plays an amazing, personal, avant-garde blackmetal has found in Zrcadlo that bit of folk that was missing from the project, inserting the skills of the violinist in a psychedelic and experimental context.
The band's innovative compositional method has allowed maximum artistic expression to the new member contextualizing his personal background and his soul in an impeccable way. The result will soon be heard on the third album of the band, coming out for Dusktone.

Arcanus Incubus [the mastermind of the band] says:

"I found in Zrcadlo that folk musicality that still lacks the record, we worked in great harmony and we managed to arrange and record all its parts in a few days.
With the new members of the band Mox Cristadoro, Deimos, Dirac Sea, Aldous, Luca Rampini and the old members of the band Marco Zambruni, Ste Naked, G/Ab and Emiliano Bazzoni we are creating a very emotional black metal music and we can not wait to finish the recordings to consecrate this third album."

For more infos:


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