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Nadimaĉ - "Besnilo" (Xtreem Music, 2017)

Band: Nadimaĉ
Title: Besnilo
Genre: Thrashcore
Year: 3rd July 2017
Time: 34 min
Rating: 87/100

My series about thrashcore started some days ago with the fantastic "Grave Danger" of the Finns Foreseen ends with the fireworks thanks to the new album of the Serbians Nadimaĉ titled "Besnilo" ("indignation" in Serbian Language). For this album, Nadimaĉ, a quartet born in 2003, are now into the roster of the excellent Spanish label Xtreem Music. "Besnilo" represents not only the 5th album of these angry Serbians but also another their demonstration of force since their interminable discography made especially of splits, showing a prolificity and a constant quality truly enviable. But this album show again also a will never dimmed to face the reality through serious socio-political messages between seas of beers and...retarded attempts to skate (please, see the videoclip of an old song of the band, "Retarded for Skate"). In this sense, the cover artwork of "Besnilo" is very illustrative because it is incredibly explicit for their mentions to various famous multinationals, and we don't forget that it marks the return  of that character created by Nadimaĉ, a hard thrasher with a killer face clown present since the first album of the band but absent, I wonder why, into the cover artwork of the their 4th album released in 2015. Ergo, the titles of the songs will be here translated in English to let you know in a better way the content of the lyrical themes. So, let's start with another THRASHCORE OVERDOSE!

The overdose is surely guaranteed because we are talking about an album composed of even 14 songs but 3 of them, that are very short, go beyond the borders of thrash metal. In fact, "The Indignation Echo" is a dark acoustic intro with narrative vocals; the absurd "Anatomy of Obedience" is made only of bass and evocative guitar melodies with a mass of bleating sheeps on the background; and, finally, there is the irreverent "Go Fuck Yourself", a pure noise explosion of 3 real seconds (but 7 of lenght) that could be perfect for a grindcore album. So, the rest of "Besnilo" consist of 11 tracks very fit for the wilder headbanging, without forgetting that they are incredible also because of a notable variety.
                                                                Photo by: Igor Coko

In fact, Nadimaĉ shows an inventive style through dynamic songs that are so demented that the the mid/slow tempo tracks are literally banned here. In addition of this, the thrashcore of Nadimaĉ is characterized also by the wild vocal performances of Danilo "Daĉa" Trbojević, a very expressive and furious singer able to range from mega-violent and interminable screams to scary tongue twisters to end even with death metal growls (it is no coincidence that, some years ago, Danilo was into the line-up of a death metal band called DaggerSpawn) without forgetting those usual gang choruses that add more intensity to the sound of the band. Then, I consider fantastic also the performance of Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović, a guitarist very funambulist and complete able to create not only very fuckin' fast riffs but also some incredibly technical and refined solos, and this is strange for every thrashcore band. But I am saying all this without overshadowing the work of the bassplayer Marko "Zec" Pavlović nor the hyperkinetic drumming of Dragan "Draganĉe" Ristić.
Thanks to all this, there are many songs to mention. For example, "Escapism Against Modernism" that contains even some slow tempos listenable yet into its intro, or that lunatic shrapnel, mandatory for every thrashcore album, titled "Shopping Revolution", so violent to last only 69 seconds where there are also some blast-beats. Then, there is "Mother Earth is Vomiting" with its dissonant intro of guitar and its slow part with a solo more atmospheric than the usual, or the conclusive "Against Elitism, Pro Unity", that surprise the listeners for its usual fast approach but characterized this time by a melodic and even innovative riffing before a mid-tempo finale destined to fade away. There is also "Capitalism is Cannibalism", strong with its scrappy thrash'n'roll passages (its title is taken from the speeches of the US socialist Eugene Victor Debs (1855-1926) but it is also a song with the same name by British Anarcho-punk band Anthrax). Still, you can listen also to "Organ Market Basement", a song less demented than the usual since its tempos more standard for thrash metal with the singer able to spew forth very long screams during the first seconds of the song but also particular vocal melodies. And last but not least, there is "Anal Shepherd", a very funny track because it ranges from ultra-violent parts to groovy passages with a playful guitar solo and bass in a tight close-up.

In brief, all this is useful to say that "Besnilo" show a bunch of ideas and a sea of wild intensity along with absolutely flawless technical skills in a merciless mix between Razor, Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter and Wehrmacht. At this point, I hope that Nadimaĉ, that are now into the roster of a strong underground label, can achieve a very good international recognition also considering that, throughout these years, they have shared the stage with bands like Tankard, Municipal Waste, DRI, Onslaught, Sodom and many other famous names. Finally, this my series about thrashcore has shown 3 bands that plays their genre of reference through their own ways: the Finns Foreseen with their influences from heavy metal, the Belgians Indemnity with their approach closer to punk/HC, and now the Serbians Nadimaĉ, mega-violent but enough technical.


1 - Uvod u besnilo (The Indignation Echo)
2 - Palikuca  (Flaming Vendetta)
3 - Jednom nogom u gradu  (Escapism Against Modernism)
4 - Kapitalizam je kanibalizam  (Capitalism is Cannibalism)
5 - Revolucija u izlogu  (Shopping Revolution)
6 - U podrumu žute kuce  (Organ Market Basement)
7 - Anatomija poslušnosti  (Anatomy of Obedience)
8 - Analni ovcar (Anal Shepherd)
9 - Teraj se u kurac (Go Fuck Yourself)
10 - Prvi put sa kevom na šemu (My Mum's Drugs)
11 - Rodjen u ofsajdu (Nesportski dan) (Born in Offside (Anti-Sport Day))
12 - Zemlja povraca (Mother Earth is Vomiting)
13 - Crna štampa (Diarrhea Newsweek)
14 - Bez ograda, bez barijera (Against Elitism, Pro Unity)


Danilo "Daĉa" Trbojević - vocals
Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović - guitars
Marko "Zec" Pavlović - bass
Dragan "Draganĉe" Ristić

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