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Perikato - "Kuka hyötyy?" (Svart Records, 2016)

Band: Perikato
Title: Kuka hyötyy?
Genre: Brutal and noisy punk/HC
Year: 25th November 2016
Time: 14 min circa
Rating: 70/100

Perikato is Finnish for "ruin" or for "destruction" (if I am not mistaken). This is a moniker very fit to describe the ultra-extreme punk/HC of this Finnish quartet in official activity since 2011 with their first demo "Varman tuhom merkit". Now they have launched, through their compatriot label Svart Records, a very inexorable attack with "Kuka hyötyy?" ("who benefits?" if you want to translate it in English), an EP consisting of 18 socio-political songs that, surely, will leave you an atomic impression. 100% guaranteed!

I say this with certainty because, firstly, you have to know that it's true that this EP has even 18 songs but all of them are lightnings so crazy of pure rage and painful noise to last often 40 seconds! And only 2 of them reach, overcoming it a bit, the first minute of lenght, which are "Suuri jälleentuhoaminen" and "Piemen miehen taistelu".

Secondly, the music of Perikato is a merciless bombardment of the ears throughout the entire EP! So, expect in EVERY song a singer that yells like there's no fuckin' tomorrow, chainsaw guitars, an inexistent bass, drums able often to go at a so tremendous wallop to reach sometimes critical levels of violence very close to grindcore (especially in the conclusive "Korjausliike", effectively perfect to end the album with the rawest intensity!), and a general aura of chaos and (self)-destruction to give seriously to the listeners the impression that everything falls apart towards an irreversible ruin, emphasizing all this with a deafening guitars' feedback during the first and last seconds of the various tracks! No slowdowns, no mid-tempo songs, only some few concessions to a bit less maniacal speed like in the crossover/thrash metal of "Viimeinein salakaato". Is it a good chaotic music for you, extreme metalheads?

In other words, if the label mention (however very pertinent) bands like Isterismo, Kirous or the radical Italian band Wretched to describe the assault of Perikato, I mention instead the ferocious cacophony of the "campaign for musical destruction" of the cult-Dutch band Lärm, the pioneers of grindcore and power violence. Sure, "Kuka hyötyy" has an inexistent variety while its incredible noise can be very stodgy for many people. But the intensity and the violence of all this is so effective that the 14 minutes circa of this EP passes with a very painful pleasure. And now you have to think that Perikato consist of people from the distressing black/doomsters Ride for Revenge or from the excellent speed metallers Speedtrap, ergo we aren't talking about beginners!


1 - Kuka Hyötyy
2 - Edullista huomista
3 - Kastraatio
4 - Suuri jälleentuhoaminen
5 - Natokiima
6 - Maa
7 - Tuhon rihmasto
8 - Neukkusimulaattori
9 - Geneettinen käsky
10 - Uusliberaalin unelma
11 - Hyvinvoinnin ongelma
12 - Hyӧdytӧn
13 - Tasa-arvon kupla
14 - Huono tuote
15 - Bileet Piilaaksossa
16 - Viimeinen salakaato
17 - Pienen miehen taistelu
18 - Korjausliike


Harri Kuokkanen
Joel Neves
Jussi Kaskinen
Ville Valavuo

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