Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Master of Cruelty - "Archaic Visions of the Underworld" (Blood Harvest, 2016)

Band: Master of Cruelty
Title: Archaic Visions of the Underworld
Genre: Black/Death metal with Thrash metal elements
Time: 33 min
Year: 2016
Rating: 90/100

Believe it or not, “Archaic Visions of the Underworld” is the very first release from a Paraguayan metal band that I ever listened in my entire life. It looks that Paraguay has some great bands but we mustn’t forget that it is a South American country, and everyone of us knows that the South America offers systematically high quality bestial metal since the Brazilians Stress released their homonym proto-thrash metal debut album in 1982. Master of Cruelty, a quartet founded in 2009 in the Paraguayan capitol Asuncion, aren’t an exception considering that with “Archaic Visions of the Underworld”, released on 25th November 2016 by the Swedish label Blood Harvest, have created a true masterpiece of pure South American fury!

The infernal journey into the second album of Master of Cruelty starts with “Mortem Prima Lex”, a very fuckin’ dark intro with sinister melodies comprised of spectral keyboards, acoustic arpeggios guitar and malign whisperers, and all this is perfect to introduce the massacre of the entire album starting from the same titletrack, its very first song. From here the Master of Cruelty crushes everything with a merciless and sulfurous assault dubbed by the same band as “Blackened Death/Thrash”. But, in my opinion, the black and death metal elements prevails on the thrash ones into their music, excluded into songs where these 3 genres are combined perfectly, as it’s happens with the conclusive “Knowledge Beyond this Dimension”.

The black metal side is very important on this album, especially in a track like “Mythological Creatures”, where there is a very good performance by the new bassist Vomitor. I mean “very important” not only because this full-length is full of freezing black metal riffs but also because it has good atmospheric moments created by some lead guitar riffs or by some devilish melodies (“Perpetual Deadly Hollows”).
At the other side, “Archaic Visions of the Underworld” spews forth a bunch of annihilating violence in pure South American vein. The main example of this is given by “Our Endless Wrath”, a programmatic title for a totally skullcrushing song where the blast-beat is a sanguinary faith, despite this track starts slowly. Moreover, “Our Endless Wrath” contains also a chaotic but incredibly hallucinated solo guitar by courtesy of the blonde vocalist/guitarist A.G.V., that plays solos only when it needs showing off gut-wrenched and raucous vocals inspired by the same Lord of the Underworld.
Another great skill from this band is the dynamic structure of the various songs because these are full of very fluid tempo changes, thanks also to the drummer The Vandalic: in fact, this demonic guy destroys his drum kit ranging from (few) slow tempos to (many) blast-beats through tupa-tupas and groovy passages in mid-tempo. In other words, it’s impossible to tire yourself out during the listening of “The Archaic Visions of the Underworld”!

As I said before, Master of Cruelty is the first Paraguayan metal band that I ever listened but, at this point and considering that their music is incredibly devastating, I wonder why the metal scene of Paraguay isn’t well known by the metal maniacs of the entire world. Raw and ultra-violent as commands the South American tradition but, at the same time, dynamic and enough atmospheric,  Master of Cruelty  have been recently the honor to share the stage with some of the superstars of the South American black metal as the Brazilians Mystifier. As last thing, know that “Archaic Visions of the Underworld” is available in 3 formats: on vinyl by Blood Harvest, on CD by the Jappo label Deathrash Armageddon and on tape by the Colombian Triumvirate of Evil. Is it enough for you to celebrate the abominable gestures of MAESTRO DE LA CRUDELDAD?

1 – Mortem Prima Lex
2 – Archaic Visions of the Underworld
3 – The Executioner
4 – Spheres of Time
5 – Our Endless Wrath
6 – Perpetual Deadly Hollows
7 – Mythological Creatures
8 – Knowledge Beyond this Dimension

A.G.V. – vocals/lead guitars
W. Impaler – rhythm guitars
Vomitor – bass
The Vandalic – drums

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/MasterOfCruelty
Blood Harvest: http://www.bloodharvest.se/
Deathrash Armageddon: http://www.deathrasharmageddon.com/
Triumvirate of Evil: http://www.triumvirateofevil.com/

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