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Terrörhammer - "Under the Unholy Command" (Deathrune Records, 2015)

Band: Terrörhammer
Title: Under the Unholy Command
Genre: Black/Speed Metal
Year: 16th October 2015
Time: 35 min
Rating: 90/100

It's incredible but, 6 months ago, Matt of the Spanish label Deathrune Records sent to me some of his releases but only in these last days I started to listen to them, starting from "Under the Unholy Command" here reviewed. This is the crushing debut album of Terrörhammer, a Serbian duo born in 2010 through the will of Pentagramator The Helltyrant (already known on these pages for his militancy in the mighty All My Sins) and WarBeast Holocausto. Unfortunately, this last one (that now is into the line-up of nothing else than...Gorgoroth!) left the band and, without his consent, Pentagramator continued the infernal path of Terrörhammer recruiting the bassplayer BBK Necro Doctor (the same that played that amazing bass solo in a song by All My Sins!) and the drummer T-Scream Agonizer. And let me say that this decision by Pentagramator was fuckin' wise because "Under the Unholy Command", now released in 2015, is awesome!

Fast, fast and FUCKIN' FASTER!!! With the help of the session drummer Butcher, THIS IS the intense madness played by this band into this "Under the Unholy Command", an album where the speed reigns supreme with very few slowdowns. In fact, its 8 songs (plus an intro titled "Catacombs of Pandemonium" where there is the guest Therthonax of the Greek black metal Kawir with his so-called "elysian vibrations") show a straightforward and raw music radically rooted in the '80s, offering basically a wild mixture between a primordial black metal and speed metal, also if, at the end, the only real black metal elements comes from the Satanic lyrics and the screeching vocals, supported by an excellent echo, of Pentagramator.
Despite the heavy doses of unstoppable speed that crush the listeners, this is, incredibly, a various album. In fact, here you are the speed metal mania with a contagious rocking vibe of "Blood for the Countess" (where there are also very intense gang choruses), or the crust punkish bombardment of "Atomic Overload", or the thrashing anthem "Necro Speed Megalomania", one of the most violent numbers of the entire album. In addition, you will be smashed even by an energetic mid-tempo à la Venom called "Graveyard Witch", a sign that Terrörhammer, when they want, are very good to write also more "relaxed" songs. But, then, there is the amazing "Church of Sodomy", that's absolutely my favorite track because it ends the album with the fireworks thanks to an extreme brutality mixed with an incredible dynamicity, so this song ranges from a plethora of blast-beats (yes, BLAST-BEATS!) to pure heavy metal passages in mid-tempo with gang choruses, and containing also a good interaction between the guitars with the result to play even two solos. In brief, this album starts well and ends better!

No other useless words! "Under the Unholy Command" is perfect for every maniac of old bands like Venom, Bulldozer, Acid and of the recent legion of similar bands such as Baphomet's Blood, Children of Technology, Chapel, Midnight, Whipstriker and so on! In addition, there is need to say that I read from the FB page of Terrörhammer that they will release very soon a split just with Whipstriker, and I think that it will be an awesome release! And finally, don't forget the new Terrörhammer EP titled "In the Name of Hell", released in the first day of this year! Terrörhammer: NECRO SPEED METAL HOOLIGANS READY FOR THE ATTACK!!!

1 - Catacombs of Pandemonium (Intro)
2 - Necro Speed Megalomania
3 - Final Opression
4 - Blood for the Countess
5 - Hell Commando
6 - Dawn of the Pentagram
7 - Graveyard Witch
8 - Atomic Overload
9 - Church of Sodomy


Pentagramator The Helltyrant - vocals/guitars
BBK Necro Doctor - bass
Butcher (session) - drums


Therthonax - elysian vibrations (Track 1)

Deathrune Records:

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