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Mouldered - "Chronology of a Rotten Mind" (Satanath Records/More Hate Prod/Butcher Entertainment, 2017)

Band: Mouldered
Title: Chronology of a Rotten Mind
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 13th July 2017
Time: 20 min
Rating: 68/100

Look at the cover artwork of this "Chronology of a Rotten Mind"! Isn't it truly fuckin' amazing? Done by the Venezuelan artist John Quevedo Janssens, it reminds me of the works of Edward Repka for Death, especially regarding the cover artwork of "Scream Bloody Gore". So, this is already an excellent premise for this debut album of Mouldered, a band from Colombia that, before it, released only a demo (containing three songs then re-recorded for this full-lenght) in 2016 after their foundation in 2013. But shame because, despite its cover artwork, the music isn't so amazing but, fortunately, these guys have some very promising ideas. Let's start to discover them!

Released by the prolific Russian label Satanath Records along with More Hate Prod and Butcher Entertainment (these ones comes, respectively, from Russia and Ukraine), "Chronology of a Rotten Mind" is very short to be a full-lenght album since it last only 20 minutes per 8 songs. These ones are introduced by "I'm Legion", that starts with a scene of exorcism. After that, Mouldered show all their obsessive love for a raw brutal death metal mainly played in an old-style à la Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation but with frequent slamming slow/mid-tempos typical of a more modern way to conceive this genre. What I best like about Mouldered concern the lead guitarist Hermes Martinez that, besides playing simple riffs along with the other axeplayer Hammer Quintero, spew forth at least a guitar solo a song; and, above all, the bassplayer Jhonatan Ariza, able to surprise the listeners with some strange solutions, as you will see soon.
I have to say that I largely prefer the second side of the album that starts with "Prision" to the ending titletrack. In fact, the first part is a little bit anonymous and has nothing interesting (apart the basswork), and don't forget that it contains a not so effective 1 - minute instrumental track called, simply, "Death", considered by a me as a filler. Instead, the best comes with the second side, and this is due to numbers like the same "Prision", that has some very good riffs and ultra-violent moments; and, especially, to "Genocide". This one is truly particular if compared with the other songs because of its more atmospheric passages where there is not only a guitar solo but even a real bass solo, surprising definitely the listeners! Useless to say, "Genocide" is my favorite track of the entire album.

So, this album isn't surely a masterpiece, also because it is too short and I think that Mouldered could record, at least, other 3 tracks while there are too many slamming mid/slow tempos throughout "Chronology of a Rotten Mind" but, anyway, we are talking about a band that plays death metal with dedication, also considering that Mouldered shot a simple videoclip for "Prision", a good choice for a promotional video since it is one of the better songs of the album. Said that, I suggest to these 5 deathsters to make more violent their music but, at the same time, also to develop, for the future productions to come, the excellent ideas present in "Genocidio", so to offer a better mix between brutality and a more atmospheric approach, as expressed perfectly in this song.

1 - I'm Legion
2 - Death
3 - Mind Control
4 - Succubus
5 - Prision
6 - Zombiefication
7 - Genocide
8 - Chronology of a Rotten Mind


Mauricio De La Rosa - vocals
Hammer Quintero - rhythmic guitars
Hermes Martinez - lead guitars
Jhonatan Ariza - bass
Cristian Martinez - drums


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