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Ordem Satânica - "Monte da Lua" (Signal Rex, 2017)

Band: Ordem Satanica
Title: Monte da Lua
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Time: 48 min
Year: 4th July 2017
Rating: 56/100

This album was released in full Summer but it's blacker than the same black metal! Apart these bullshits, "Monte da Lua", released by Signal Rex, is the long-held debut album of Ordem Satânica , another totally mysterious Portuguese kult, that belong to the Aldebaran Circle along with Trono Alem Morte, Voëmmr and Occelenbriig (how many fuckin' black metal circle exists in Portugal?). Of Ordem Satânica, I've listened some time ago to their split with the infamous Ruach Raah but I have to say that I received a bad impression from the band today reviewed. And, unfortunately,  Ordem Satanica did it again with "Monte da Lua".

So, this album consist of 8 tracks, and each of them is introduced literally by a thunderstormy scenario with a wind able to wipe you out. Musically, the intentions were very promising but not the final result. In fact, Ordem Satânica seems to be a band from the '90s since they reminds me a lot of the LLN of Vlad Tepes, Belketre and Torgeist thanks to a truly necro and dissonant black metal characterized by a very lo-fi production but the atmosphere recreated is perfect because you breath the real EVIL in this fuckin' album! You know that I love this kind of sonic holocaust!
BUT...but the problem is that "Monte da Lua" is too one-dimensional. This because the songs sounds the same, so there are no real differences between them and, in addition, without reserving particular surprises throughout the album, despite a lot of efforts by the musicians, especially by a dynamic but blasting drummer able also to offer some atmospheric and doom patterns focused on tom-toms. And it doesn't helps the fact that the various tracks are often very long. Unfortunately, the incredible violence of the titletrack (sure my favorite number), the ultra-chaotic solo (the only one in the entire album) of "Pelo Misticismo..." and some keyboard moments (useful to give to the music more atmosphere and mystery) don't change my ideas about this album. And you have to consider also that, curiously, the last episode titled "Entre Árvores Sombrias" (almost 9 minutes of lenght) offers a production even more obscene and confusing if compared to the rest of the tracklist. Why?

So, the intentions were promising but the final result is negative. Some suggestions to the band: the necro production (apart in the last song) is ok  but you could create less lenghty tracks and also play more guitar solos because the one in "Pelo Misticismo..." is amazing.

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1 - Belial os Bosques e o Pentagrama
2 - Monte da Lua
3 - Lagoa da Serpente Eterna
4 - Pelo Misticismo...
5 - Negras aparições
6 - Tempestades Nocturnas e Invocações Satânicas sob os céus de Sintra
7 - Solstício de Inverno
8 - Entre Árvores Sombrias



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