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Vomit Angel - "Sadomatic Evil" (Headsplit Records, 2016; Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Vomit Angel
Title: Sadomatic Evil
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 9th October 2016 (Headsplit Records)/10th March 2017 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Time: 18 min
Rating: 70/100

I think that the bestial black/death metal genre, now enough popular, is the realm of the purest metal orthodoxy. This is shown by many bestial bands like Blasphemy (obviously!), Black Witchery or James Read, all people so faithful to the exterminating fury of their genre of reference to play it for years WITHOUT true variations to their unwavering formula! Among all these heroes devoted to this kind of orthodoxy with few rivals, there are also the three Danish demons known as Sadomator, once named as Sadogoat from 1998 to 2005 and authors of 3 full-lenght albums adored by their fans. Now, their singer/guitarist Seventh Blasphemer (renamed this time as NecroDevil), along with the old Sadogoat's drummer Lord Titan, has founded in 2014 Vomit Angel, a kind of continuation of the original project responsible, for the moment, of the "Sadomatic Evil" EP, initially conceived in October 2016 on cassette format by the US label Headsplit Records but recently reissued on vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions. Good fuckin' move! I am sure that "Sadomatic Evil" will be a true collector's item for every bestial/war metal cultist!

Helped by the session bassplayer Sod Corpse (Ogdru Jahad), Vomit Angel have LITERALLY puked 8 tracks totally devoted to the verb of Blasphemy and Beherit but played according to the spirit of Sadomator, despite the track aptly titled "Sadomator" declares their end. This means an ultra-primitive style characterized by very fast and short songs, a truly basement production, raucous grasps very close to Black Witchery and some dark slowdowns à la Beherit. In addition of all this, there is a general aura of disgust and vulgarity increased a lot by the gruesome piglike vocals of songs as "Cotard" and "Host of Darkness" while this last one is even opened by a...BUUUURP! But all this belongs (more or less) to the uncompromising laws of the bestial black/death metal genre.
But instead Vomit Angel are able to vary their primitive sound playing also two songs of the same Sadomator, included the merciless "Black Blasting Goat Attack". This without forgetting "Time of the Moon", a freezing song with some doomish moments it a cover of the very unknown Polish black metal band Kurgan? Anyway, a track like "Voices in the Wind" is incredibly surprising not only for its great dynamicity but also for its bass solo, which is strange also because Vomit Angel play never guitar solos! Finally, I have to mention the punkish "Cotard", only 24 seconds of pure irreverence, and the similar "Host of Darkness", which lasts instead 77 seconds circa but both are impregnated of a goregrind atmosphere able to make more disgusting the entire assault of this band.

No other bullshits, "Sadomatic Evil" is an anthem to the vomit and disgust! It is bestial, primitive and intense as befits a monicker like Vomit Angel but presenting, at the same time, some nice and unpredictable surprises. So, the bestial black/death metal of Denmark, yet enough remarkable for bands like Ogdru Jahad and Purification Kommando (R.I.P.), becomes stronger with these Vomit Angel. And I hope these last ones will continue to puke happily other new stuff after their promising EP!


1 - Sadomator
2 - Time Travel
3 - Cotard
4 - Voices in the Wind
5 - Host of Darkness
6 - Time of the Moon (Kurgan cover?)
7 - Blasting Black Goat Attack (Sadomator cover)
8 - Female Goat Perversion (Sadomator cover)


NecroDevil - vocals/guitars
Lord Titan - drums/vocals
Sod Corpse - session bass

Headsplit Records:
Iron Bonehead Productions:

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