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Interview to the Wall of the Eyeless!

Hi guys, here you are the interview to the Wall of the Eyeless, a promising extreme progressive metal band from Sweden! These guys have really a great enthusiasm for their work!

1)      Hail guys! How are you? Do you want to introduce your band to the readers of this blog, maybe explaining the reasons about your double nationality?

Hey there, SL here! All is fine, thanks! We’re Wall Of The Eyeless from Sweden, but I am Russian, actually, which explains the band’s “double nationality”. I met Simon, the drummer, when I was studying in Sweden during the autumn semester of 2011. We started playing together and both of us thought that it went quite well, so we want to take it all even further.

2)      “Wimfolsfessta” is a really strange title. What’s its meaning?

      Actually, Wimfolsfestta is a made-up word, a sort of a riddle. I just couldn’t find the fitting and right sounding title for the record, so I ended up creating this word, which sort of mirrors the concept of the full release. The hints on the word’s meaning are everywhere – in lyrics, music and in the artwork. So it’s quite possible to guess.

3)      Behind this second demo there was a great work. You seems to be very ambitious. How was recording with Magnus “Devo” Andersson? And why you wanted just him?

Yeah, we really do our best to be, thank you! I had a dream to work with Devo and record in Endarker even before I started Wall Of The Eyeless in 2011 – since 2007, when Marduk released the Rom 5:12 album. I really love this record and the atmospheric production of it.
It was a huge pleasure to work with Devo, he made us feel very welcome and comfortable and explained us how to do stuff when recording – we really needed this, as it was our very first time in the professional, real deal studio.

4)      Despite your genre, the production of this demo is very dirty and “true”. Is it like you wanted you?

Yeah, that’s exactly how we wanted it. Maybe “dirty” is not the right word here, we aimed it to be alive and atmospheric. We also didn’t want to overuse the studio gadgets and technology and keep the recording as live as possible and without any cheating and hundreds of re-recorded takes.

5)      Some questions to SL: how was very hard recording (plus designing the cover artwork) many instruments in a so short time? Above all, where’s the hell the harmonica into the demo?

You’re right, it’s quite tough at times to keep all the ideas and arrangements in one head, but I had no major problems recording all this stuff, I’d say. And I’m really happy about that! As for the harmonica, it’s present in only one of the four songs – in “Revulsion Fever” - and is more of an atmosphere creator element. I mean, I could have easily played that harmonica melody on the guitar, but harmonica fits just right in there, in my opinion. There’s something disturbing about its sound, to my mind. Listen carefully and you’ll hear it.

6)      For me, you play an extreme progressive metal with crepuscular tunes, but ultimately you added to your music some black/death metal outbursts and clean vocals. So, I imagine that the musical evolution is very important for you. At this point, what are your influences?

I have no idea what the influences are, man J I guess I have the same answer for you, which I had after we released “Through Emptiness” in the very end of 2011 – I really believe that all music I ever listened to or heard influenced me in one way or another, even the music I didn’t like at all.

7)      I perceived a significant thing as regards the vocals: they are more present into the musical discourse than the recent past. Why?

It just felt right this way this time, I guess.

8)      Do you want to talk about the lyrics? What’s their importance?

The lyrics are really important for the overall picture, I’d say. We’re trying to make the music, lyrics and the artwork equally important - all the 3 components should fit and complement each other. It’s sort of the concept for Wall Of The Eyeless and I’d really like to keep it this way.
9)      What are your opinions about the splatter/satanic et similia bands? I advise that my band, the Barbaric War Terror, enjoys with nuclear themes hehe!

All the best to your band, man! As for Wall Of The Eyeless, we have no connection with any religion or subculture and I guess we won’t ever have. We just don’t want to limit ourselves in anything. What’s my opinion about such bands? Well, I’d say that I’m totally ok with such bands as long as they just express themselves this way without limiting the personal freedom and rights of people who are around them.

10)  Do you would like to play on stage in the future? In this way, you could be a real band!

Yeah, of course, we plan to play live as much as possible in the future. I’m itching to finalize the line - up and hit the road. Hopefully it won’t be long.

11)  Ok, this interview is finishing. Now, you can say everything you want.

Thank you very much for checking us out and for the interest in our new record! Your support means a lot to us.
You can check the entire new record out for free on our Bandcamp page ( Cheers and please spread the word if you dig what we do!

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