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Kremlin - "Decimation of the Elites" (Godz ov War Productions, 2017)

Band: Kremlin
Title: Decimation of the Elites
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 24th November 2017 (Godz ov War Prod)
Time: 33 min
Rating: 88/100

Debut album for the Canadian war machine Kremlin, whose singer/drummer Neutron Cannon, in the mid '90s, played in Domini Inferi along with nothing else than RYAN FÖRSTER (Blasphemy, ex-Conqueror), so tons and tons of extreme violence are surely guaranteed in this "Decimation of the Elites"!

In fact, "Decimation of the Elites" is a barbaric triumph in which there is a war death metal that basically combines the bulldozing approach of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx with the more thrashing tunes of the early Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed and Dismember. All this is characterized also by chainsaw guitars, no guitar solos in every case, well structured songs, and an impressive vocal performance that alternates expressive growls à la L.G. Petrov with strongly malefic black metal vocals.

This main formula is made more various not only by some black metal influences in the riffing ("At War") but also by amazing bestial black/death metal hints, as perfectly shown by the last track "Devilution" where there are very savage blast-beats along with martial mid-tempos very close to Blasphemy ("Ritual", anyone?). Incredibly, Kremlin are able, from time to time, to make a bit strange their assault through, for example, disturbing clean vocals like in the frightful "Under Hypnosis", the slower number in the list.
Also the lyrical concept is a bit strange. Kremlin, drawing a world dominated by a sort of Orwellian Big Brother, show a great resentment towards the elites, that control and program the mankind through everything, from the politics to the medecine research, from the electronic devices to the school. To understand better the particularity of this kind of lyrics, it's really remarkable the song "Flat Earth" (whose the band made an official video to watch below), where Kremlin even question not only the "false theory" of the solar system by Copernicus (1473-1543) but also the spherical form of the Earth in favour of a flat form, as the title of the track can suggest. Additionally, this song questions Charlemagne (742-814), blamed to inventing an organized and public school in order, in according to Kremlin, to "program us to believe in this insane story" (but I remember that Charlemagne wasn't a man of the 15th century) and in all the "lies" created by the elites (Vatican included, obviously). So, the elites have to be exterminated so to free definitely the mankind from their millennium dictatorship. As you can see, this is an original lyrical concept, very far from the usual gory or Satanic themes of the extreme metal.
Fuck, it's really hard that the Canadian extreme metal disappoints me and, so, my conclusion about "Decimation of the Elites" is simple: it's AMAZING! It's strong of notable songs like "Devilution", "Exterminate the Shapeshifters", "Flat Earth" and "Nuke Them (13 Families)" but, to say the truth, also the rest of the tracklist deserve a big consideration thanks to great riffs, expressive vocals and contagious war vibes. At this point, I would like a lot if Kremlin will play one day in my city, Rome, so to bombard us, Roman metalheads, with tons of barbaric carnage like only the Canadian metal warriors are able to do...and, above all, the band could play, in this way, near the much-maligned Vatican fukken City!


1 - Nuke them (13 families)
2 - At War
3 - Kremlin
4 - Decimation of the Elites
5 - Exterminate the Shapeshifters
6 - Babylon's Regime
7 - Flat Earth
8 - Under Hypnosis
9 - Devilution


Neutron Cannon - vocals/drums
Nuclear Grinder - vocals/guitars
DetonExecutionner - vocals/bass

Godz ov War Productions:

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