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Incantation/Suicidal Causticity/Dr. Gore/Neid (Rome, 16th May 2018)

Bands: Incantation/Suicidal Causticity/Dr. Gore/Neid
Date: 16th May 2018
Location: Traffic Live Club, Rome

16th May 2018 has been a memorable day for the lovers of the most brutal forms of death metal. In fact, Incantation went in Rome for a skullcrushing live gig at the Traffic Live Club, supported by three Italian bands (mostly already reviewed on these violent pages) called Neid, Dr. Gore and Suicidal Causticity, .

Unfortunately, I went late for the show of Neid, the opening act, so I completely lost them. I hoped to see live them but, against every expectation, the hours scheduled for this live gig were miracolously all respected, and this is very unusual here in Rome. But shame that I lost Neid because, strong of a still new EP titled "Noise Treatment" (Sliptrick Records, 2017), these workaholic grindsters from Viterbo (Lazio) are grown up so lot during these last years to become a band with a very good International reuputation since they are always busy to spread their music all over the world, by playing even in exotic slabs of the Earth like Cuba, Indonesia or...China! And you have to think that their adventure was started in 2007 when Neid was still a more hardcore-punk oriented band able to spew forth real anthems with Italian lyrics like "Vent'anni" ("twenty years").

At least, I went just in time to see half show of Dr. Gore, that were there to promote their fresh, self-released third album "From the Deep of Rotten" with the result to play many new songs such as "Reanimated Dead Corpse", "Necrodoctor" and the same titletrack. The first time that I saw these Roman splatter maniacs, if I remember well, was 7 fukken years ago at CSOA Acrobax (Rome), and very few things are changed since then, from the same indestructible line-up to their raw brutal death metal mixed with deadly tons of slaughtering grindcore, a formula that has been little more structured throughout the years. Maybe, their show was penalised a bit by the not so excellent sound since the riffs weren't always well understandable but I have to say that the merciless drumming of Massimo "Mastino" Romano (also in the funny grindsters Buffalo Grillz along with Alessio Pacifici, the singer/bassplayer of Dr. Gore) is truly fukken impressive in studio and on stage as well!

And now it's the time of Suicidal Causticity, a quintet from Florence (Tuscany) that I was really curious to see live after I reviewed their second album "The Human Touch" some months ago. With them, the night became more intense thanks to their imaginative brutal death metal characterized by fantastic technical skills, scrapping thrash metal touches and the impressive tongue-twisting growling vocals of Gorgo. He is a muscular singer very good to keep the stage and also to entertain the audience between the songs, even because, at a certain point, he ripped...his own undershirt for the joy of the girls present into the location! Suicidal Causticity shown all this by playing songs mostly taken from the same "The Human Touch" (such as "Cascade of Mutilations", "Diamond Grinder Spring" or "Estuary Abominations") but also from their 2013 debut album "The Spiritual Decline" (like "A Suicidal Causticity"). In brief, very intense show...even though still no one was moshing so far!

Finally, the moshing heads started to unchain all their fury with Incantation...and that was to be expected! I was struck by seeing in action these old demons that are still able, after 29 years of blasphemic existence, to release kickass albums in the name of the purest DEATH fukken METAL, and always guided since their early times by the legendary John McEntee. Strong now of the new entry Sonny Lombardozzi so to be a stable quartet after many years like a trio, Incantation destroyed the stage by playing a lot of classics of the calibre of "Blasphemy" and "Onward to Golgotha" but also new outstanding songs such as "Rites of the Locust" and "Omens to the Altar of Onyx" taken from the last album "Profane Nexus" (Relapse Records, 2017). The audience, now completely exalted, enjoyed so lot that some maniacs started finally to violently mosh from the mid of the setlist...and I have to say that the moshing terror was especially created by a big and tall blackster with tattoos everywhere, also in the face! A very funny moment to remember in the future days to come is when, by request of John (a really nice guy and entertainer!), the entire audience spewed forth two gigantic blasphemies against God in Italian! GREAT!!!

What a fantastic night to repeat again! I hope that Incantation will be back in Rome as soon as possible but, for the moment, they recently ended their Italian 5 dates mini-tour, just started at Traffic Live Club and terminated in Brescia (Lombardy) on 20th May 2018, in alliance with Suicidal Causticity along with other bands like A Taste of Fear and Vilemass. Fortunately, this wasn't an isolated occasion to attend an amazing live gig because, in the future days to come, Rome will be smashed by a bunch of can't-miss extreme metal and hardcore punk dates. So, stay tuned, and stay fukken BRUTAAAAL!!!

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