mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

Terrordome/Deathreat: let's start to the Boiling Aggression Tour!

Here you are a news that I lately received from Marcin of Mythrone Promotion!
In fact, Terrordome and Deathreat (both bands from Poland) will be together to destroy some European countries for the "Boiling Aggression Euro Tour 2018". The scheduled dates are the following:

20 April @Faust, Katowice [PL]
21 April @Köpi 137, Berlin [DE]
22 April @Szafa, Szczecin [PL]
24 April @Pooca Bar, Hamburg [DE]
25 April @Bambara, Groningen [NL]
26 April @Le Midland, Lille [FR]
27 April @Music City, Antwerp [BE]
28 April @Ju.W.E.L., Gotha [DE]

Terrordome is a fast and brutal crossover thrash metal band strongly inspired by classics such as Razor, Nuclear Assault, Slayer and Cryptic Slaughter. So far, they released two stunning full-lenght albums (both by Defense Records) and also shared the stage with relevant acts like Anthrax, Whiplash, Destruction, Hobbs' Angel of Death and so on.

Official site:

Instead, Deathreat plays a Swedish putrid death metal combined with hardcore fury. Their main influences comes from bands like Carnivore, Driller Killer, Cro-Mags and Napalm Death. Still without any full-lenght albums into their discography, they released in 2017 the MCD "Zero Trust" through the US label Deformeathing Productions after a demo published in 2016.

Official site:

To sum it up, I think that this tour will see a lot of moshing broken bones under the stages!

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