sabato 7 aprile 2018

Gravestone: video for "Proud to be Dead"!

Ultimately, I received the news from Marco Borrani, from the Roman progressive deathsters Gravestone, that his band made a video for "Proud to Be Dead", the titletrack of their EP released in 2017 through the US label Sliptrick Records. The following is the link to watch the video through YouTube:

According to the band, "the video is about the awareness, by a dying man, of the evil and destruction that the mankind can bring to this fantastic world.
The bottom line is that, at the end of the video, this man decide to die after seeing, for the first time, all this evil "from outside"; in fact, the man realizes that the human being need all this in order to feel alive, and so, indeed, it's better proud to be dead."

For everyone that knows nothing about Gravestone, they were one of the very first death metal bands from Rome to record a demo. Their demo, released in 1994, was titled "Symphony of Pain" (reviewed by me on these pages some years ago) but, after a year, the band split-up. Fortunately, the band reunited in 2013 with a completely new line-up (that features also the talented drummer David Folchitto, that plays also in many important bands like Stormlord, Fleshgod Apocalypse or the mighty Prophilax) leaded by the original founder and guitarist Marco Borrani. The result of this comeback into the scene by Gravestone led them not only to reissue their demo through two different labels but also to release the aforementioned "Proud to Be Dead" in February 2017 (its cover artwork below). And additionally, the band is very active about the live gigs sharing also recently the stage with a band of the calibre of Anvil, the legendary pure heavy metal act from Canada!

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