sabato 14 aprile 2018

Discordant Hemispheres: upcoming release of the third single!

Do you remember Discordant Hemispheres, the Roman progressive band whose first two singles were reviewed some months ago on these pages?

Yes or not, I am here to inform you that their third single will be released on 16th April 2018 through all the digital stores and streaming platforms. Promoted by the video of "Life Train" (directed by their manager Flavia Antonelli and published on YouTube just yesterday), this new opus titled "Vita" ("Life"), adorned by a cover artwork made by Cristiano Campana, consist of the only aforementioned song in which there is the participation of Iacopo Volpini, another session drummer used by Discordant Hemispheres. You can watch the video below:
Writing a mini-review about the single, "Life Train" is basically a pure prog rock ballad very inspired by the '70s with a lot of ultra-melodic clean vocals, a notable web of elegant melodies, and the hyper-kinetic drumming of Iacopo Volpini.

Although it's good and emotionally moving, there are no extreme metal influences in this song while I've got the impression that Discordant Hemispheres are becoming a bit too similar to Hamnesia, the pure prog rock/metal band of the bassplayer Andrea Manno. So, I hope that the next efforts by the band will be harder and really metallic than "Vita" in a way close to "Paradise (is not here)", a song of the first single where there were interesting avantgarde death metal influences à la Atheist to develop better in the future times to come. Additionally, I suggest to these guys to start a live gig activity because it's a shame that, at the moment, they are only a studio band that changes the session drummer for every new single.
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