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Suicidal Causticity - "The Human Touch" (Amputated Vein Records, 2017)

Band: Suicidal Causticity
Title: The Human Touch
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 9th June 2017
Time: 43 min
Rating: 86/100

The first issue (that was released, if I am not mistaken, in August 2008) of Timpani allo Spiedo was about 6 Italian bands. One of them was Subhuman, a Tuscanian and talented death/thrash metal band with Italian lyrics, that impressed me a lot with their debut EP "Delirio n°1", that included even a Faith No More cover titled "Surpise! You're Dead!!!". Well, the band here reviewed, Suicidal Causticity, comes from the same region of Subhuman (Tuscany) and they consist of a member (the bassplayer Dario Lastrucci) and an ex-member (the guitarist Elia Murgia) of Subhuman but, beyond these connections, these two bands are completely different. Said that, I received 4 months ago the physical CD of the second album of Suicidal Causticity through their manager, Filippo, and I have already say that this "The Human Touch", released by the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records, is a real fuckin' blow to the teeth!

In fact, "The Human Touch" is incredibly BRUTAL! The first three songs bombard the listeners with an immense brutality, and the band offers a slower approach only in the 4th track "The Choral Brook". In addition, this brutality is increased a lot by some thrash (both for the guitars and the drum tempos) and black metal influences, as perfectly exemplified by the final song "Lynn". Instead, if you have still to understand the precise style played by these 5 pissed-off Tuscanian guys, they play a brutal death metal admittedly influenced by the US and the Italian masters of the genre, so it's a massacre very fit for the fanatics of bands like Deeds of Flesh, Nile, Hour of Penance and early Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Since the aforementioned names, this band shows not only extreme levels of brutality and violence but also notable technical skills. These last ones allow to Suicidal Causticity to create complex and nervous songs with an unpredictable drumming, spastic riffs, supersonic guitar solos here and there, and without forgetting the fact that the lyrics are often so long that the singer Gorgo has the amazing ability to spew forth a bunch of growls in a  fuckin' impressive tongue twister-mode! Sometimes, there are also strange and atmospheric moments as in the first seconds of the 7-minute track "Lynn". And sometimes again, the songs are connected, like in the case of "Dead River Call", that starts where "Full River Cry" ends but, in fact, they are two different parts of a single song called "Flow Rates", and this is a feature (dividing a single track in two or more parts) typical of a progressive rock/metal band.
So, we are in presence of a band full of sophistications but without losing anything in fact of super-aggression and inhuman intensity. And what is more is that my favorite songs, like "Dead River Call" (that contains an ultra-fantastic riff in which there are two devastating guitar solos!) and "Lynn", shows a lot of genuine thrash metal influences while other numbers as "Cascade of Mutilations" are less effective also because they have no memorable riffs. But, if you want to be destroyed by "The Human Touch" in a very good way, I recommend to you to listen to it with a pair of headphones, so you can understand better the riffs and some hidden details. And with this band, helped for this album by two guests like Federico Puleri (guitar solo in "Diamond Grinder Ripper"; he plays nothing else than in the famous power/progressive metal band Vision Divine!) and Natalya Buzakova (spoken vocals in "Affluent of Woe), ITALY STRIKES AGAIN on these fukken atomik warfare pages!!!


1 - Diamond Grinder Ripper
2 - Estuary Abominations
3 - Affluent of Woe
4 - The Choral Brook
5 - Flow Rates Pt.1: Full River Cry
6 - Flow Rates Pt.2: Dead River Call
7 - Cascade of Mutilations
8 - Chimaera Canal
9 - Lynn


Gorgo - vocals
Leonardo Galteri - guitars (now replaced by Edoardo Scali)
Elia Murgia - guitars
Dario Lastrucci - bass
Thomas Passanisi - drums


Federico Puleri - guitar solo ("Diamond Grinder Ripper")
Natalya Buzakova - spoken vocals ("Affluent of Woe")

Amputated Vein Records:

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