domenica 11 febbraio 2018

Lilyum: the final hour!


Just 2 days later my review about the 7th full-lenght of Lilyum, I knew from the FB profile of their leader Kosmos Reversum that he has decided to put an end to them. This is a real shame not only because this announcement arrived so abruptly (for me, at least) but also because Lilyum was (yeah, I use already the "past" form!) one of the better bands of the Italian black metal scene, after leaving to us 7 albums within 8 years (from 2009 to 2017), showing always a very good creativity.

Fortunately, if Lilyum no longer exist, the members that formed them are in a good activity with other bands (especially Lord J.H. Psycho and Frozen - of this last one, I reviewed also some years ago the debut album of his Arcanum Inferi) while Kosmos Reversum is recently playing in a new sludge/stoner metal band called Hikikomori, so surely expect some news from these 3 maniacs in the future days to come.

Here are the words of Kosmos Reversum about the end of Lilyum:

"Lilyum no longer exist. It was not a story of band trouble or things like that, in fact I write this post even before the musicians who have been involved in this project of mine recently know it. As I reiterated in several interviews, Lilyum have said all they had to say and now we have to turn the page. I wanted to get out victorious and after making a great album like "Altar Of Fear", our seventh full-length, I realized that I have to leave the scene while people still applude. I could not have done it with any of the previous records, except perhaps with "Nothing Is Mine", because they were incomplete and did not fully reflect my being and not least that of any other components. Soon a news will be communicated and soon I will reveal other motivations behind this decision, as well as other projects that will cease to exist on my part. Thank you all.

Kosmos Reversum"


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