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Nebrus - "Exta Malorvm" (Razed Soul Productions, 2016)

Band: Nebrus
Title: Exta Malorvm
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 4th November 2017
Time: 45 min circa
Rating: 88/100

The month of August, due to the Summer and other involvements, has been a period very relaxed and lack of activities for this 'zine, ergo I hope to update constantly it for the next months to come. But I think that an album such as "Exta Malorvm" of Nebrus, a Tuscanian duo guided since 2008 by the female vocalist Noctuaria and by the multi-instrumentalist Mortifero (also creator of the logo of this band), is completely perfect to celebrate the revival of the activities of this 'zine. Originally conceived like a black/doom metal band, Nebrus have contacted me 3 months ago circa to review, indeed, their second album "Exta Malorvm", released now one year ago through the US label Razed Soul Productions. And I'm telling you right that these two Italians demons have impressed me a lot with it!

Formed by 6 tracks + 3 "ambient soundscapes" ("Exta Malorvm I, II and III", almost exclusively written by Noctuaria and it isn't a case if she manage also a dark ambient project called Flusso Delirante Persecutorio), this album see Nebrus engage with a black metal that spew forth every time an aura frightfully malicious emphasized often by an hallucinated and dissonant riffing. For this particular mood, the drums are also important thanks to some very distressing doom parts here and there, relevant since the first moments of "Dismal Omen", also if they are exemplified at their best by "Aphotic Path", a pure vortex of horrors that represents, in my opinion, one of the better numbers of this album. But, due to a drummer (and guitarist) dynamic and full of ideas like Mortifero, there is also a grandiose and healthy dose of blast-beats leading sometimes the listeners towards into the pure total destruction, like in the 7 minutes circa of the various "Death Parade", the last track of the album before "Exta Malorvm III". This last one, co-written by both the Nebrus' members, is an "ambient soundscape" a bit particular because it contains also a chilling, hypnotic and sick doom part with a completely unusual vocal performance by Noctuaria. And you have to hear her misanthropic torments because she sings throught a totally freezing guttural voice...but, incredible to say, "no male vocals were recorded", as Nebrus love to underline on their BandCampe page about the album.
At the end, "Exta Malorvm", memorable especially during its second part, is a nightmare so frightful that the listeners (like me) wants more. And, fortunately, they will be glad to know that Nebrus are now working on their third album, on their third sigil of death of a career that see them, in my opinion, like one of the best black metal bands of our Peninsula along with Black Faith, Acheronte and few others. And this recognition is obvious if two maniacs are able to create masterpieces like "Relaying on Madness" (that contains some hallucinated groovy parts and also a finale with desolated melodies), the doom-laden torment "Aphotic Path" or "Death Parade" (where you can see really a parade of marching dead through its terrific doom mid section!). And all this through a malign black metal influenced a lot by the '90s but playing, at the same time, with a great personality and ideas.

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1 - Exta Malorvm I
2 - Dismal Omen
3 - Relaying on Madness
4 - Havok Emissary
5 - Exta Malorvm II
6 - Aphotic Path
7 - Psalm of Abhorrence
8 - Death Parade
9 - Exta Malorvm III


Noctuaria - vocals and ambient soundscapes
Mortifero - guitars/bass/drums

Razed Soul Productions:

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