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Barbaric Horde - "Tainted Impurity" (War Arts Productions, 2017)

Band: Barbaric Horde
Title: Tainted Impurity
Genre: Bestial Black/Death Metal
Year: 4th August 2017
Time: 17 min circa
Rating: 72/100

I don't know why Portugal is producing now a myriad of totally raw and sick black metal bands but I have to say that I like a lot this scene. A perfect example of the Portuguese black metal essence is given, for me, by Barbaric Horde, a duo of no names bestial war metal maniacs that took their moniker from the song with the same title of the mighty Bestial Warlust. So, Barbaric Horde released in 2016 via War Arts Productions their debut demo "Gasmark Perpetrators", which impressed me for its incredible and insane primitivism characterized by a martial and obsessive drumming very particular for the black/death metal genre. Now, Barbaric Horde, supported as always by the Portuguese War Arts, are back with their sophomore demotape "Tainted Impurity" changing a little bit the game to create a more devastating assault.

In fact, I believed to listening to another band when I listened to "Tainted Impurity" for the first time. I am saying this because Barbaric Horde have made their ultra-raw assault in a more violent and even dynamic way, so to offer an undomable plethora of blast-beats full of a violence sometimes truly excessive (especially in that machine-gun fire known as "Impulse to Attack", a song endlessly furious). At the same time, the band is able to shoot now some mid/slow tempos in order to regulate better the blast-beats so to make them more intense, exemplifying at its best this new approach with the well structured "Death the First Option". Ergo, Barbaric Horde are now a total bestial black/death metal band à la Black Witchery/Revenge strong of a death metal riffing, abominable vocals alternated between growls and screams, a warlike drumming, and a lead guitar work so reduced to the bone that there is a kind of guitar solo only in the conclusive "Morbid Rape". And so the most irreducible fans of the bestial black/death metal will surely cheer with this raping holocaust called "Tainted Impurity"!
In conclusion: I liked a lot this new ultra-violent approach chosen by Barbaric Horde. But it's also true that it's somewhat regrettable that they have wanted to lose their particular sound expressed into their first demo so to play like many other bestial black/death metal bands. But it's also true that, through this different direction for the new demo, you can hear clearly that these two demons wants to improve their assault despite their proud primitivism, and I have to say that this feature is very rare to find into this special genre. At this point, do you think that it's possible a nice and blasphemous split between Barbaric Horde and Satanize, that are the veterans of the bestial war metal in Portuguese-style? I hope so!


1 - Bestial Offensor
2 - Death the First Option
3 - Impulse to Attack
4 - S.D.D. (Sulpuric Death Demons)
5 - Morbid Rape



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