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Hi men,
this is the first interview to a punk/HC band to be published into the ultra-metallic pages of Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine but, along with this record, it is also the second interview in a single month to be appeared here after years.
Few bullshits, Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine presents to you the Italians The Nutries through the words of their singer Alex to talk about especially their new album "Nuova Vita" ("New Life" in Italian) and other delirious stuff!

Hi Alex! Let's start this interview with the story of The Nutries. If I am not mistaken, were you born in 2008, true? Exactly, how many are your albums?

Yes, we were born in 2008 by the will of Spillo (current guitarist and only former member of the band), Diego, Balbo and Maicol so to bring some raw punk into the sad towns of the Vicenza's province. But in 2009 Diego left to be substituted by our current bassplayer Bari so the band released its first album "Stuprated Brain" with this line-up. I joined with these crazy sewer rats in 2010, and our second album "Mondo alla Deriva" was out during the same year. In 2011 Maicol and Balbo left, so our current drummer Andrea joined us while, after numerous live gigs, we were in studio to record the third album "The Nutries" in 2013. In 2014 we need an extra boost, so we added in our line-up a second guitarist in the person of Giulio, and in 2016 was the turn of our 4th album "Nuova Vita". In brief, this is the story of The Nutries. Exactly, we released 4 albums.

Speaking about your last album "Nuova Vita", where did you record it?

We recorded it at Mal de Testa Records with our dear friend Daniel. There were no problems also because the fridge was always full of cold beer but we drunk only after the end of the recordings.

Do you want to explain to us the meaning of the cover artwork of "Nuova Vita"? Why did you choose a title like this? And what is the kind of "New Life" you are referring to?

Well, "Nuova Vita" is the titletrack of this album. In its cover artwork, you see two eyes emerging from a mountain of worms since our message is this: if the life is sometimes tough, you must never give up 'cause you have to fight for a new start, for a NEW LIFE!

The lyrics have often a crucial importance into punk/HC, and you aren't an exception. I noted that your lyrics deals with existentialist and anti-authoritarian themes without forgetting some ecologist outbursts. But there is a particular song titled "B.B.B. Revenge". So, what is the theme of this track?

Sorry for the vulgarity but this song comes from the butthole of a friend of ours that doesn't comes at our gigs anymore for years considering that we love to play this song haha! BISO WE MISS YOU!!! You can find another version of it on our third album "The Nutries".

You play a metallic punk/HC characterized strongly by a dark vibe caused very much by a riffing close to black metal. Do you find correct this statement of mine?

Unconsciously, maybe we have created a sound a bit close to black metal but this wasn't a stylistic choice. In fact, our aim was to burden and durken our sound. And I think we achieved it.

During the '80s, there were many punk/HC bands that opted for a more metallic sound, and you are following a similar musical path. Why? Do you think that the metal could offer more dynamics to your music?

At the end we are punkers that listen to a lot of metal, so the metal influences came spontaneous.

Why was the collaboration with Alby of the historic power violence band CxOxSx? And, especially, how were you able to have his participation?

Working with Alby was crazy and he is a great person! We had his participation in the new album not only because he is an old friend of the band but also for the fact that Bari play the bass also in CxOxSx. We are very lucky haha!

Metal and HC are two very distinct entities, both musically and attitudinally, especially in the early '80s. In your opinion, what are the virtues and flaws of these kinds of music?

We did never ask ourselves this question maybe because we find only virtues and no flaws into the music. Yeah, we don't like some bands but this is caused by their attitude and thoughts.

An historic question: what are your 5 favorite records of the Italian punk/HC? I advise you that I adore Wretched!

Our favorite records are:

Impact - "Solo odio"
Indigesti - "Osservati dall'inganno"
Grandine - "Accendi la miccia dei tuoi pensieri"
Wretched - "In nome del loro potere tutto è stato fatto"
Negazione - "Tutti pazzi"

Live gigs scheduled for The Nutries? Can you find many places for the gigs?

Gigs? Let's just say that they are a plague: in fact, we organize the 60% of our gigs but you have to count that there are fewer and fewer places where you can play and you are considered by no one if you don't play what is fashioned.

Do you have some funny stories about The Nutries to entertain the voracious reader of Timpani allo Spiedo?

And who remember them? The beer clouds the vision and the memories haha!

Ok Alex, this interview is over, ergo feel free to ends it as you want. But before, I have to say that you are definitely the first punk/HC band interviewed for this 'zine!!!

Heartful thanks for the interview! It's an honor for us, we are not used to it haha!

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