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I must admit that the interviews are my favorite part of this job, though they are very few into this 'zine also if I have the precise target to publish, at least, one interview per month. Anyway, I adore this part because, in this ways, the bands have the chance to say something about them and their productions with the fantastic result to unveil some curiosities, especially in the case of very loquacious musicians. As in the case of the Praetorians Reverber, reviewed by me during the early days of 2017. So, enjoy the following interview and THRASH 'TILL DEATH!!!

Hail guys! So, let's start with the enough tormented story of the band: you founded Reverber in 2007 but the disbandment happened already after your very first demo "Serial Metal Killer", released in 2010. So, what were the reason behind your temporarily disbandment and what brough to the rebirth of the band?

We like to say that "Serial Metal Killer" is actually our first album. The demo came out years before, although not officialy. The dissolution was due to disagreement on a personal level. Unfortunately, many people decide to change their lives and not to bring the metal within. The newfound friendship between Alessio Stazi and Marco "Mitraja" Serafini has played a key role in the group's rebirth.

Why do you released "Immortals" even 6 years after "Serial Metal Killer"?

We started writing the songs when we met again in 2013. Founded the harmony between the members and the necessary equipment, we are committed to be able to release "Immortals" in 2016, which in our view is not bad. The availability of Stazi's box has obviously sped the things, giving us more time to work on the songs, compared to the reheaesal rooms for rent where you can try for a few hours and with an inferior equipment.

What are the lyrics of "Immortals"? It looks to me that you love to play with an horror imaginary but it can be, in some ways, even Satanic, excluded songs very stick to the reality like "Kamikaze".

We tell stories. Being the music an art and being the art a criticism, we highlight the ugliness of the world and today's dyscrasias. That we are horror fans is obvious but is it not the horror genre also a criticism of the society? Horror is just a great way to put on such criticism.

Also the cover artwork of "Immortals" is very inspired by the horror imaginary, specifically reminding to me the zombie movies so popular in these last times. So, who made the cover artwork and what is its meaning?

The cover was drawn by the graphic artist and friend Junta Virus. The meaning is a summary of the central theme of the album: those who are oppressed are told, and it is through these stories that they can emerge from the ground and not be forgotten. Just like us who through metal we emerge from the darkness and the gray of life.

Your songs are very complex and well arranged. How is their composition? And why do you feel the need to create songs so long for the usual standard of thrash metal?

We personally do not believe that there are standards of playing time. In our case, the composition arises mainly from the hands and minds diverted frontman (Marco Serafini). But it is only the beginning of the path, because then there is the meeting with the lead guitarist (Alessio Alessandretti) and the processing room with the drummer (Alessio Stazi). But not Always, as some songs, like "Immortal", they were born directly and exclusively in the room, or are designed and written by lead guitarist. This means that in reality we do not follow a proper procedure to follow religiously.

Do you have discarded some songs during the recordings of the album or do you have put every recorded track into the final product?

During recording has not been discarded anything but during the writing a few tracks were eliminated. This happens to many bands, demonstrating that there is not a strict procedure to be followed, othervise it would be a one man band.

Your unpredictable thrash metal combines perfectly the old-school of the genre with the new one, adding also some experimental and dark touches able to reach other borders. So, what are your influences?

We are four musicians with slightly different musical passions but remaining clearly that we are all faithful to thrash metal. However, the musical influences of each of us contrinute to our songs: Stazi has had many experiences in death metal, black metal and even grindcore; Mitraja and Alessio Alessandretti come mainly from old-school heavy metal while Valerio Strada has played in hard rock projects.

Do you want to tell us something about the ballad titled "Justice is Dead"? It's strange that there is a ballad among so aggressive tracks, considering also that it is a kind of song more typical of the pure heavy metal, not of thrash.

The idea of the ballad comes from Alessandretti. In a night of alcohol in Stazi's company, they decided (after a desperate attempt to tow) to shut theirselves in the box to write the ballad with the company of a more than a modest amount of beers. The next day, in which the rehearsals were fixed, the frontman coming to the box could not believe his eyes, in front of the botanical gardens of beer littered the box! However, his resentment for the disorder ended immediately, after listening to the product of the alcoholic evening. But seriously, we do not believe that a ballad is out from the parameters of thrash metal, indeed.

Your album is so various to include not only a ballad but also an instrumental song, "Cancrena"! But do you have conceived it already as an instrumental track or before was it a "normal" one? Moreover, is "Cancrena" also a way to rest a bit the voice of Marco during the live shows?

Marco has never needed to rest his voice. "Cancrena" began as a proposal from Alessandretti's song, as a virtuoso guitarist. Playing it, we realized that the only way to give justice to that variety and complexity of the riffs was to make it a purely instrumental song.

Are there some precise reasons behind your decision to self release "Immortals", rather than releasing it through some label eventually interested to it? Are you looking for a contract now?

Honestly we did not try to seek dedicated labels and we put the music first, and by mutual Agreement we decided to take the recordings independently. At the moment our thinking is to aim for a contract, and meanwhile we have started a collaboration with an agency of management: the Brothel of Sound.
How was the minitour to promote "Immortals"?

We would have liked so much to organized a minitour to promote the best "Immortals" but it was not possible due to economic problems derived from the production of the CD and prints.

You have written on your biography on FB that you have the target  to "revive the tide of the Roman underground metal". Ergo, do you want to say the problems of the Roman metal scene to those who are out of it?

Well, the first problem is the organization with the locals (for example, gigs on the same night) and this harms the Roman metal scene. Secondly, there is a high amount of cover bands, that obscure who really spits blood to produce pure and original music.

Some curious and funny anecdotes about Reverber?

There would be a lot of anecdotes to tell. One of them happened during a live show at Alvarado Street, in Rome. At the beginning of "The End of Your Life" had to enter a "butcher" with a severed head from which hung some meat, which was nothing more than raw beef scraps. When the "butcher" took the stage and approaced the meat to the mouth of Alessandretti, the latter has removed much of a bite and continued to chew it throughout the song...and the song lasts 5.20 minutes! Needless to say, that show was fantastic!

All right guys, the interview is over! Now you are free to say goodbye as you prefer!

Don't be ashamed to listen to "foregone" music, listen to what you like! We greet you, we are going to take a bit of Peroni's beer!


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