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Ladies and gentlemen,
some days ago I contacted via FaceBook these Finnish demons called Sadokist to unveil some their black metal secrets. And now you are facing the result of this contact, so enjoy the following interview to Sadist Stalker, leader and singer of Sadokist!

Hail! Let’s start with a nice biography of the band, ok? Specifically, what are the roots of Sadokist and what were your initial influences?

Hello. Me and "Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames" got into metal music when young and wanted to make music ourselves. Main influences were Nifelheim, Sarcofago, Bathory etc... and the ridiculous attitude of Vondur ("kill everyone!"), and there's heavy metal like Judas Priest etc...

Where and how were the recordings of “Thy Saviour’s Halo, Held by Horns”?

At out rehearsal place, I organised the whole shit and the rest were "just playing"... Then mixed at friend's place. Never been to studio.

Why did you released your debut album even after 7 years from your foundation?

I have always done this as work and been pushing other members all those years, if they had participated as much then who knows how many songs we would have already. But I'm glad because our first LP came out good.

If I am not mistaken, Udar and Ghul are two mythological Arabian monsters of female type. So, why did you titled an instrumental just like “Udar Ghul”?

I'm pasting this from "Arabian - A type of ghul. This being lives in the desert and rapes male travellers. As a result, the victim may develop worms in his anus, a condition which is invariably fatal. Referred to as udar." I wanted to make a song about such creature, but don't know what to write about that, so that's why instrumental.

Do you want to tell us about the lyrics of the album? They are very satanic!

It's my personal satanic, I write when inspired... I wish to express total death. I hope to get to write something lighter someday, but these days life, it's just like those lyrics. "Damnatio ad Bestias" was not written by me, it's really different (satanas goats fallen angel blah bah).

Are you Satanists or, for you, is Satan a simple symbol of rebellion to use against the Christianity?

I'm not a member of any group in any way, never felt such need. Also I don't feel any need to rebel against Christianity, I have too much on mind as it is. I rebel against many things. But it comes naturally to express darkness as somewhat anti-christian themed for me, as we were raised to be somewhat christian.

The production of your LP is very dusty, raw and “necro”. But did you wanted a production of this kind or was it a pure fortuity?

I don't know much about recording, so it was just what it was.

What exactly represents the cover artwork of “Thy Saviour’s Halo…” and what its meaning?

Devil messiah, taking over. Blasphemy! Hypocrite's halo is being held by its horns. There's a lot of meaning when you think of it. I read a psychiatry book, and that author used a similiar allegory, and I got this idea and twisted it a bit.

Are you still satisfied about the album or is there something about it that you would like to change now?

I'm enough satisfied, don't need to change old material. Just concentrate doing next one better.

I have still a doubt: what was the true line-up of Sadokist that recorded the album?

Sadist Stalker - vocals, drums
Hyper Ejakulator of Unweeping Purgatory Flames - guitar
Vorrtexxx Armageddon - lead
Nuclear Man Provocator - bass

I read from your FB profile that you received also damaged tapes of your LP. So, how was ended this thing?

I don't know if there was any end, I requested not selling those copies but I've seen them being sold. Feels bad when you work hard and your listeners get shit anyway.

Finally, the Swedish label Blood Harvest has recently reissued your album on vinyl! How was possible this collaboration with this renowned underground label? Do you have the intentions to continue this collaboration through other your productions?

Blood Harvest contacted us themselves, so far it has been really easy working with them. Also longsleeve shirts. They would be interested for more but we also have other offers these days, so we'll see who offers most.

Black metal seems to be very popular in Finland, especially since early 2000. Do you can explain this curious black metal explosion?

I don't know, I don't personally see that happening. In "the scene" were always the same people. Black/thrash was somewhat big when we started. We are not black/thrash by the way... I see it there was a finnish death metal explosion though.

You recently self-released your first live album, “Live in Perkele”. Do you want to present it to the readers of the ‘zine?

Yeah! It's a bit short, 23min if I remember correct. It has great sound quality, I'll try to get it repressed if possible.

Ok guys, the interview is ending, so you are free to conclude it as you want!

Take care, have a good new year!


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