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In these last days I reviewed only albums released by the Italian label Iron Tyrant, not forgetting my reviews, appeared some months ago on, about Bode Preto and Deathraid, other its releases. And, closing the circle, here you a very good interview with Luca Marchetti, the owner of this historic label, that has a new logo now (above).
Hail Luca! Well, let’s start with a biography of Iron Tyrant. Specifically, when and why you founded it?
It happened all of a sudden in late 1994. I and a friend had the chance to release a Mini CD of the then demo band Behemoth and went for it without a second thought. We had this very tiny zine before, it was called Entropy magazine (only 1 issue made) and we took the name from there. With that name we did CD’s by Behemoth, Hermh and Sabbat (Japan). In hindsight, they are three bands that still release records today so I like to think that we knew what we were doing after all, haha! After the change of name, I started doing vinyl besides CD’s when it was not very hyped and have been doing that since. Did records for Sabbat, Nunslaughter, Mortuary Drape, Anael, Divine Eve, Fuoco Fatuo, Lust (can), Doomraiser, Midryasi and many more. The turning point was of course being able to win the trust of Mortuary Drape and thus reissue their albums: if you are familiar with their history, you’ll know that they’ve always had some difficult relationship with their former labels (Avantgarde Music excluded of course).

Speaking about the change of name, in the early days Iron Tyrant named as Entropy Productions. Do you want to explain this name’s change?
Well we were two guys running Entropy, and once my pal left in mid ‘96 I was left doing basically nothing label-wise for a couple of years. When I got my shit back together, I started again and did everything on my own. At that point (late 97/early 98) a name’s change was due as I didn’t particularly fancy of the previous name anymore, as I wanted something more metal-sounding.” IRON TYRANTS” is also a series of obscure compilation LPs released in the US in the ‘80s, here’s your bit of trivia.
What means manage an extreme metal label, especially in Italy?

It means to approach daily a variety of problems: high postage costs, inept services, customers who always prefer to get their things abroad, lots of costs altogether.
And then liars, backstabbers, traitors, assholes.

In fact, Iron Tyrant release only very few productions per year. Why? Maybe to keeping high the quality of your productions?
It is partially due to that, yes. Another reason may be the constant lack of space in the warehouse. It takes a bit for me to move records, and if one particular title doesn’t sell as expected for whatever reason, then it is a problem. I have to consider this kind of petty things as well when I plan on signing another band. Also take into account that I work a full time job and have a family, and wonderful kids. I don’t have too much time left after these very important things are taken care of.
What are the right requirements for Iron Tyrant to release a specific production (and so to support its band)?

Gut feeling is the most important thing: there is no set requirement. If you speak to any other label owner they’ll tell you the same thing I believe.
Normally I always say NO on principle to locals that I never see at gigs and/or ask without giving. Also if your music doesn’t feel like there are sinister forces at play, or doesn’t convey anything dark or morbid, well, you’re looking at the wrong label I’m afraid.

What is the bestseller of Iron Tyrant?
The last Mortuary Drape of course! Easy!

Speaking about your last productions, the reissue of the obscure and only demo of Deathraid is a real deal. So, how was possible this reissue? And now a classic question: is it practicable a Deathraid’s reunion?
We’ve been friends since the mid ‘90s and we always used to hang out together when we were in our ‘20s. Crazy times! I always wanted to do something with that demo but, for some strange reasons, I could only release it last year. It’s still an awesome demo, released in maybe 20 copies back in the day, so you see that not many have heard it.
A reunion of Deathraid is highly unlikely, all members are scattered around Italy and/or not interested in this anymore.

Particular tales about the now historic activities of Iron Tyrant?
Well having SABBAT visit me in 1997 and making a pizza together was pretty metal I’m sure. Gezol is one crazy headbanger and one of the most metal-minded persons I’ve ever met in my life.
Also releasing records of personal faves such as Divine Eve, Nunslaughter, Blasphemophagher, Mortuary Drape.
Most of the fun stuff happens at gigs. One time in Switzerland I was dead drunk and fell asleep while selling stuff at a Tsjuder gig. When I woke up there was money on the table for cd’s that people bought from me while I was unconscious: imagine what would have happened in Italy!

In these last times, we are living a very strong return to the old school of metal, and your label is into this thing. How do you explain this return? Do you think that the new bands are able to personalize also very much their own sound, despite they are influenced by the past bands? I think so.
This “return to the old school” thing has been going on for the past 20 years already in my eyes so I can’t really say I noticed this situation recently. I don’t pay attention to bad metal so I wouldn’t know if it is a big thing nowadays or has been big in the past 10 years. Personally, it never left me as I always liked my metal devoid of any kind of ‘90s influences, with very few exceptions: in this context IRON TYRANT, just like any underground label, is a projection of my tastes, although I like a lot of other stuff I NEVER would release on my label.
It is definitely possible to progress while keeping your roots steadily firm in the past, that’s evolution in a nutshell. I equally like bands who are daring yet manage to keep the traditions alive, like Zemial for example (although I’ll admit the new Ep is hard to digest) and bands who will not even remotely think of changing their sound, like for example Gehennah.

Suggestions for the guys that would to found their own label?

Don’t. Unless you are willing to sacrifice your Friday nights packing things, going to concerts and never see the bands play, being ripped off far and wide by a plethora of suspicious characters AND the State, don’t. Grab an instrument and play music instead, I wish I had the talent for that.

Future projects? I mean, also the organization of some gigs?
I’ve organized some gigs in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s but now? No, thanks. It’s not something I am interested in anymore. I will help friends getting in touch with bands and/or logistically if I am asked, but I am not going to give myself more headaches than needed!

Ok, this interview is finishing. Now end it as you want.
Thanks for the interview! Check the new BODE PRETO, PROFANAL and VORNTH releases (soon out on limited LP too).
Look out for the next releases: ODALTYR Demo Tape, NAUDIZ Tape Album, INVOCATION Mini-CD, NECROMORBID CD and finally, next year, the long awaited demo collection of MORTUARY DRAPE!

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