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Ladies and gentlemen,
after the review of their destructive last album, I contacted Abigail via FaceBook for an interview receiving some hours later the ready answer of their leader Yasuyuki Suzuki. So, here you are the result of all this!

Needless to say, ENJOY THE FUCKIN' READ 666!!!

Hailz guys! Let’s start to introduces us the new “The Final Damnation”! D
o you think that this album represents the natural evolution of your peculiar trademark?

"The Final Damnation" is our 25th anniversary album. Many guys told me that the latest Abigail albums were too much punk oriented and also that our first album is the best one. So, we decided to back to the roots for this album. For this reason, half songs are in our black metal style while the rest ones are black/thrash metal songs for latest fans. Response is really good. I think this is our best album.

Do you want to tell us about the lyrics of “The Final Damnation”?

This song tells about world war 3. The next world war will be the end of the world. It's “The Final Damnation”. The album’s title says about our near future!
“The Final Damnation” is even your third album released by the infamous Nuclear War Now! Productions. What are the reasons behind this long collaboration with it?

I got offer for new album from few labels but NWN supported us many times satisfying all our stuff so far. Also I would like release LP version too.
Abigail, Nuclear War Now! and Chris Moyen: an unholy three-alliance for a very fantastic album! But how can you to collaborate with Thorncross for the cover artwork of the album?

I thought Chris’ design is very fit for our new album’s sounds and consider also that he is an Abigail’s fan. I sent request use Chris design directly to NWN!.
Why are you very prolific in fact of minor productions (live albums, splits and so on) while your studio albums are only 6 in 25 years of career?

I love release the split 7'’ eps because I think that this format is the best promotion to overseas and, through it, I like also support new age bands. I don't care about only 6 full albums in 25 years haha!
Abigail and Barbatos are two different bands but, at the same time, they are very interrelated not only concerning the involved musicians but also for some musical similarities. So, what are the differences between them? For me, Abigail is a more violent and black metal entity than the more rock’n’roll Barbatos.

Yes, Abigail is black metal while Barbatos is metal punk. But some of their songs are in a very close music style also because the members are the same ones and the music composer too. I can't help it. But both bands last albums sounds in a different way. New Barbatos’ album is into Japanese heavy metal and rock'n roll sounds in a more catchy way than the Abigail’s new album.
Why do you consider your music as “Street Metal”?

I think that its attitude is the same of the L.A. metal. Our street metal is Beer! Metal! Sex! but it sound is faster than the L.A. metal bands.
Why is Jero considered a session guitarist and not a real member of the band?

Now he is original Abigail’s guitar player! He was busy for other bands.
A strange question now: if I am not mistaken, Christianity is a very minor religion in Japan but, despite this, your imagery is very Satanic and occidental. Why? Maybe to respect the classic black metal tradition of Bathory and so on?

Answer is simple: I am influenced by 80's black metal bands like Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Sarcofago, Bulldozer, Carnivore. I want playing music and writing lyrics like the 80's bands did!
As you’ll read on my article, I reviewed also your debut album, “Intercourse & Lust”. What do you tell us about it? For me, during the early days you were closer to the 90’s black metal in every sense (musically, lyrically…) than now.

Thanks! Yes, we were a black metal band. That was our best in 90's. But I think Abigail plays still black metal!
For an extreme metal band, 25 years of existence is always a big enterprise. So, what’s the secret behind your longevity and your underground integrity?

Drummer and guitar player quite the band in ‘93. That was our turning point because it was very hard to find black metal fans and musicians in Tokyo during the early 90's. But, fortunately, both the aforementioned members back to the band in ‘95.
Ok, the interview is over! Thank you very much and end it as you want!

Thanks for the interview! Please check our new album "The Final Damnation". It contains old and new Abigail’s sounds. I hope all Abigail fans enjoy this album. Beer! Metal! Sex!

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