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Wall of the Eyeless - "Wimfolsfessta" (2013)

Self – released demo (8th April 2013)

Line – up (2011):     SL – vocals/guitars/bass/harmonica;
                                 Simon – drums and percussions.

Location:                  Pskov/Helsjön (Russia/Sweden).

Better song of the demo:

“Piercing Mist”.

Better feature of the music:

Its good ability to create dramatic tension.
 Wall of the Eyeless - Wimfolsfestta
Cover artwork: SL

After few months from the review (in Italian) concerning their first demo, the Wall of the Eyeless returns with this new assault titled curiously “Wimfolsfessta”. I say already that it’s decisively better than the first one, also because it has been produced (along with the omnipresent SL) even by Magnus “Devo” Andersson (former bassist of Marduk) at the Endarker Studios of Norrkoping. Hence, many things are changed in the musicality of this dynamic duo, able to sharpen gradually their own style.

Wall of the Eyeless plays an extreme progressive metal with crepuscular tunes, so you must expect many melodies and creative mid – tempos. Obviously, the soloist guitar has always a significant role in the music of these guys, and it is able to disembroil itself through well – invented and long solos, and they are present above all during the last minutes of every song, I wonder why. There are the atmospheric and acoustical breaks also this time, creating a good suspense for the next moments. Besides all this, the band still prefers the long tracks, also if this time they’ve radicalized this feature with even 9 – minutes tour de force of “Flicker”. Hence, this demo lasted for 27 minutes per only 4 tracks.

One of the perfected aspects is the vocal sector, that is more present into the musical discourse than the recent past. It is based on a classic but strong growl. In addiction, now there is also a clean voice, it is melodic, really effective and absent in “The Longest Winter” only.

Instead, the songs’ structure is very free and emotional but without exaggeration of any kind, because there are some main musical solutions into every song. Now, these ones contains always a furious black/death metal outburst full of blast – beats and angry tupa – tupas, so to create a dramatic tension that there wasn’t in the first demo. An excellent example of this feature comes from the last track, that is “Piercing Mist”.

It is a synthesis of the Wall of the Eyeless’ music, being also a big surprise throughout. In fact:

1)      “Piercing Mist” has a very dark and acoustical beginning complete with a gloomy clean voice that is helped by a catacomb echo;

2)      Then, the band explodes with a chaotic outburst, while a crazy soloist guitar that erupts itself completely at last;

3)      The song has an open finale introduced by a long acoustical parenthesis;

4)      It is the song with more fast passages than the usual, also if they are alternated with some doomish moments.

But, if “Piercing Mist” is the climax of the demo, “Flicker” represents its weak point because this song has a very abrupt tempo shift during the long solo, almost at the end. I think the band must found a real connection  between the different moments to makes the tempo shift in a more fluid and natural way. Fortunately, this is a little detail.

Despite the dark production of the first demo, that one of “Wimfolsfessta” is more clear but also dirty and full of life at the same time.
 Wall of the Eyeless - Photo
Summarizing this demo, Wall of the Eyeless are all grown up very much during these 2 years. Hence, I hope that they’ll find a label able to support them. At this point, it shouldn’t be a bad idea if the band works on the debut album, considering the remarkable length of this second demo. Do you like the idea, guys? But a thing: where’s the harmonica?

Vote: 81

Flavio “Claustrofobia” Adducci


1 – Flicker/ 2 – The Longest Winter/ 3 – Revulsion Fever/ 4 – Piercing Mist



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