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Interview to Cursed Scrolls!

Hi guys, strange but true, welcome to my second interview in English. This time we enter in the darklands of Cursed Scrolls, raw black metal from Spain.
1)      Hi Magus Aion, how are you? I would start the interview with this question: why have you published already an album without no one previous demo?

Hail! The reason is simple, I wanted a challenge, I’ve recorded two songs for a split that never saw the light, so why must wait for something bigger??
So I started to compose new songs, actually that 2 songs would be included in the album but when I saw all the new compositions, I prefered not include them. But I hope that 2 songs see a release soon.

2)      I know that you play in another solo – project band called Forgotten Litanies, and also in this case the music is black metal. Why do you need to express yourself playing the same genre in two different creatures? And above all, what are the differences between them?

          Forgotten Litanies was something about my deepest feelings and it doesn’t exist anymore, it was that, or consume myself.
The need to play black metal is, ‘cause it’s a genre which you can set you free, is about your hate, hatred, feelings…. You can express all of this in form of a dark mass of music. But now I’m in another project with a good old friend and this time is Brutal Death metal also, and it’s called Cranial Blowout.

3)      Do you play alone for choice or for necessity?

Yes, in black metal I don’t want anybody else who tell me change nothing about what I feel this music.

4)      “Dunkel Hexenkunst”… do you want to explain the album title?

All the lyrics are about old legends about witchcraft, sorcery, rituals… “Dunkel Hexenkunst” means “Dark Sorcery” in German. So it’s a good name which represents all the lyrics and music.

5)      Are you a Satanist? For your opinion, what is the Satanism? Is Satan a mere symbol of something or is he a real entity to worship?

I’m not Satanist, I don’t see the Satanism as something to pray. I’m just a black sorcerer, I don’t mind if you called it Satan, Pan, Gullveig… Darkness is all I pray. In all its forms.

6)      Your music is a pure, raw and minimalistic black metal without bullshits of any kind. The vocals are dreadful and particular, reminding me Dagon of Inquisition. Hence, what are your influences and what are the feelings that you would pass to the listeners?

Well, thanx so much for the comparation, Dagon and Inquisition are great influences for me and they are pure darkness and mysticism, it’s an honour for me that.
Other  influences are for example some American black metal bands like Imperial Crystalline Entombment, even Absu, Darkthrone, the rage of Marduk, or Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult but principally Inquisition about its darkness and lyrics, and Wardruna or Hexentanz for the atmospheric and ritual music.

7)      Do you want to talk about the horrific cover artwork?

The artwork was a great draw that I found one day, the rest was simply, I edited it with Photoshop, everything is done by me.

8)      I don’t listen the bass in the album. Isn’t it there really?

Hahahaha, there’s no bass in the whole album. But it has an explanation, future shows, if one day Cursed Scrolls hits the roads, I want the people to listen to the same rawness there, Inquisition don’t play any bass neither in concert, so why not?? In black metal the bass is something to give bass tunes but nothing about technicity or solo riffs and nothing like Iron Maiden for example, so why include something that people won’t hear with quality?

9)      According to Metal – Archives, the titles of some songs are a bit different from those written on the album backcover. What is the truth?

Really?? I don’t saw it. I think that was Jacopo form As Kult As Hell records who included the band there. Anyway, the first track “Call to the Faceless One” is the original name, but in the backcover the word “one” is covered by the fullmoon. And “Black Spell to Enter the Realms of Dark Forces” is the real name of the song.

10)  In the last years, the old Metal is starting again to lay down the law. For you, what are the reasons about this return to the metallic roots?

Well, I think that metal scene, generally, required a back to basics. I’m tired and pissed off with all this shit of “core” metal and the degradation of a genre, full of posers and fashions, people destroyed the essence of death metal and black metal like it was a fashion and experiments that defiled the purity of the genres. If people come back to the old tradition, for me is the best way to keep something pure and has all my support.

11)  What is the black metal? Must be it a Satanic genre against one's will? But the unblack
metal scene is growing, hence what do you think about this controversial sub – genre?

Black metal is about feelings, nothing more, but obviously dark and perverse feelings. To express the hatred, the fury, and all the negativism of you. Someone talks about Satan, another about war, but all have something in common: obscurity.
If some stupid talks about light, the Lord and shit like that and want to do it in black metal form, that person/s deserve a cruel penalty. Black metal is named “black” for something, death to the false ones!!!

12)  How is the Spanish black metal scene? I know that your country is very important for the bestial black/death metal with bands like Proclamation and Teitanblood…

Yeah, the black metal scene here is very raw and rich. We have very good bands like Akerbelz, Balmog or Foscor.
Unfortunally, few people wants to discover something new, and prefer the classics and almost there’s no support for new bands. It Is very hard to take a place in the scene. But it is something that don’t mind me, Cursed Scrolls is for spread darkness not for stuff like that.

Thanx for the interview and I hope to give you and to the people who read this something interesting to listen to my band and appreciate my work, and get my stuff.
Cheers from Spain!
                                             Cursed Scrolls - Photo

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