venerdì 3 novembre 2017

Samot - "Across the Abyss" (Unspeakable Axe Records, 2016; Ex Nihilo Music, 2017)

Band: Samot
Title: Across the Abyss
Genre: Death/Doom Metal with Black Metal melodies
Year: 20th May 2017 (Unspeakable Axe Rec)
9th April 2017 (Sentenced to Grave Prod)
13th July 2017 (Ex Nihilo Music)
Time: 14 min circa
Rating: 66/100

At the end of my review about the Occult Pantheon/Profound Grave split, I anticipated the second release by the Chilean/Canadian label Ex Nihilo Music and, finally, it is here. It is "Across the Abyss", the debut EP by Samot, originally edited on the evergreen tape format by the US Unspeakable Axe Rec but without a real cover artwork since it consisted simply of the band's logo. After that, this EP has been reissued two times during 2017: the first one on digital way thanks to the Chilean Sentenced to Grave Prod, that created an evocative bloodred cover artwork changing also the logo of Samot fulfilling it of various details like an inverted cross and a tomb; and then on the long-held CD format by, indeed, Ex Nihilo Music, resuming both the cover artwork by Sentenced to Grave (but purple-colored this time) and the original logo of Samot, and this review is based just on this last version. In brief, "Across the Abyss" is only their second release after a demo in 2015, and it has been reissued in different versions yet! But how are the rituals leaded by this Chilean duo (now a trio due to the new bassplayer Franco B.) in this EP?

domenica 29 ottobre 2017

Black Cilice - "Banished from Time" (Iron Bonehead Productions, 2017)

Band: Black Cilice
Title: Banished from Time
Genre: Noisy Black Metal
Year: 10th March 2017
Time: 37 min
Rating: 74/100

Black Cilice did it again! It's incredible but this band release every album always after 2 years from the previous one, so this "Banished from Time", anticipated one year ago by the EP "Nocturnal Mysticism" reviewed on these pages, isn't an exception. But, at the same time, it is an exception. In fact, "Banished from Time" is the first album by this mysterious Portuguese kult including only 5 songs and not the 6 ones of the previous full-lenght efforts, as if they ended their trilogy based on 666. In addition, it has a cover artwork on grey scale while the other albums were presented through a cover artwork in an impenetrable black and white. But, for the rest, "Banished from Time", released again by Iron Bonehead Prod, is in pure Black Cilice-style, 666% guaranteed, so prepare to listen to something very painful!

venerdì 27 ottobre 2017

Hereza - "I Become Death" (Godz ov War Productions, 2017)

Band: Hereza
Title: I Become Death
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Year: 13th February 2017
Time: 29 min circa
Rating: 80/100

If I remember correctly, I think Hereza is the very first band from Croatia reviewed by me. And I have to say that, as first time into the extreme Croatian metal scene, I have started truly well. In fact, Hereza have released a devastating second album entitled "I Become Death" under the auspices of the excellent Polish label Godz ov War Prod, that recently is appearing often on these pages, so expect a nice interview to its owner Greg Rosensthal for the next weeks to come!

sabato 21 ottobre 2017

Mayhem/Dragged into Sunlight/Naudiz (Ciampino, 17th October 2017)

Bands: Mayhem/Dragged into Sunlight/Naudiz
Location: Orion Live Club - Ciampino (RM), Italy
Date: 17th October 2017

Strangely, I never published a live report on my Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine during all these years. I did only some live reports for the other 'zine in which I am involved ( But, finally, this is the first live report to be appeared here. It wasn't written by me but by a friend of mine, that, some days ago, watched the mighty Mayhem in the Orion Live Club (a location in Ciampino near Rome) in a very nostalgic and theatrical gig where the band played entirely their seminal "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in order to recreate the sick and ultra-Satanic atmosphere typical of the '90s black metal.
So, enjoy this fantastic article written by L.L. full of photos shot by him and join the black metal kult until your fatal death!

martedì 17 ottobre 2017

Morte Incandescente/Illum Adora - "Remnants of a Flaming Past" (War Arts Productions, 2017)

Bands: Morte Incandescente/Illum Adora
Title: Remnants of a Flaming Past
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 24th April 2017
Time: 40 min
Rating: 75/100

This split devoted to the purest black metal as Satan commands is truly fantastic! Into it, you will find in the first side a duo of totally crazy veterans from the killer Portuguese metal scene while, in the second side, a very young trio from Germany still without a full-lenght album, and each of them have 5 songs to express their own values. All this published under the auspices of the Portuguese War Arts Prod, a small label always ready to manifest its own absolute hate towards this world through a mission completely dedicated to the rawest black metal.

venerdì 13 ottobre 2017

Persecutory - "Towards the Ultimate Extinction" (Godz ov War Productions, 2017)

Band: Persecutory
Title: Towards the Ultimate Extinction
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal with Death Metal elements
Year: 13th February 2017
Time: 42 min circa
Rating: 79/100

I don't review a Turkish band here since 7th November 2012, when I reviewed the excellent debut EP titled "Through the Eternal Damnation" by Engulfed. The funny thing is that I recently received some request reviews from Turkey, so expect some news about this country! Meanwhile, today it's the turn of Persecutory, an hateful quartet born in 2014 whose drummer A.D.B. was into the first line-up of the mentioned Engulfed. And now Persecutory, after a 2016 EP, released the devastating debut album "Towards the Ultimate Extinction" for the fantastic Polish label Godz ov War Prod. And do you know what I want to say now? The album's title reflects totally the sound of Persecutory, so prepare for it!