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Reverber - "Immortals" (Self-released, 2016)

Band: Reverber
Title: Immortals
Genre: Thrash metal
Year: 2016
Time: 51 min
Rating: 84/100
The inclusion of Reverber into this ‘zine has a very curious story: some months ago, their singer/guitarist Marco Serafini posted a request on the FB group “True Metalheads de Roma” (managed by me) because he was in searching of some ‘zines available to give a voice to the underground metal bands. Obviously, I replied naming the two ‘zines in which I involved, and, naturally, Timpani allo Spiedo ‘zine! Et voilà, today I’ll talk you about the fantastic debut album of Reverber, “Immortals”, self-released on 19th March of 2016 directly from Rome Caput Mundi after a tormented story started in the now far 2007 counting, in addition to the aforementioned album, only the “Serial Killer Metal” 2010's demo followed by a temporary disbandment.

Fundamentally, these 4 Praetorians plays a US thrash metal inspired by bands like Exodus, Slayer and Metallica, with these ones very listenable also into the merciless solos à la “Hit the Lights”. But all this is played with good taste and personality showing a bunch of ideas and frequent touches of modernism throughout the 9 songs of the album, with the result to combines the old-school thrash metal with the modern one. Anyway, warning because “Immortals” is a difficult album since the various songs are so well-structured that many of them lasts even 7 minutes. The tracks are so interminable also because the band loves the long instrumental parts with well-assembled climaxes where there is an excellent interaction between the guitarists Marco Serafini e Alessio Alessandretti (this one is considered even like the main responsible of the radical musical change of Reverber during these last years), spewing forth a bunch of guitar-hero solos that are wild and virtuoso at the same time. In addition to all this, the aggressive vocals of Marco, sometimes very close to the ones of Tom Araya, are able to make the entire music in a more intense way.

Speaking about the intensity, the album starts with its more violent and purely thrash metal song, “Immortal”. This track, characterized by a bestial performance by the drummer Alessio Stazi, is also the shorter of the entire album with its almost 4 minutes of lenght, almost an absurdity for the band!
After “Immortal”, the thrash metal of Reverber becomes more and more inventive. And, especially, the initial song’s trio formed by the same semi-titletrack,  “The End of Your Life” and “The Shining” is absolutely amazing, practically perfect!
Specifically, “The End of Your Life” is a complex thrash metal number where the violent side and the melodic one collide to end the song with strangely melancholic melodies. Instead, “The Shining” is, in my opinion, the absolute peak of the album with its 7 minutes where, for example, the intro is gloomy and dark and where there is a long and exciting instrumental part with the addition of some experimental riffs.
The things are stranger with the following “Amnesia Post-Murder”, so starting the second song’s trio of the album, less effective than the previous one . In fact, this track starts and ends in “berserker mode” with a totally unchained Marco with his intimidating screams but, surprisingly, the middle section of “Amnesia…” is so melodic to has romantic ballad tones! Anyway, it’s a shame that, after this melodic part, the band restarts the initial fury of the song maybe in a too forced way, so I think that the guys should develop differently this restart.

After that, there is“Kamikaze” with its Arabian scales and its central dramatic part. “Justice is Dead” follows but, surprise!, it is an interminable mega-ballad where Marco sing in clean vocals with good emotion, also if the band lingers too much in an instrumental finale that should be reduced to be better.
Fortunately, the last trio of song is very fuckin’ good, almost at the same levels of the first one. Then, Reverber restarts to play their unpredictable thrash metal with “Eighteen Hundred” while “Cancrena”, another surprise, is an incredibly horrific instrumental track but characterized by some initial malevolent whispers. Finally, “Immortals” ends with a super-bang due to “Ride of the Heroes”, where Reverber combines their thrash metal with an epic heavy metal feeling to shock every listener through a literally funambulist lead section made also of a kind of twin guitar solo, listen to believe!
In view of the above, I said everything about “Immortals”, an amazing album especially during  its start and its end but not completely during its central songs, also if the bassplayer Valerio Strada is a bit under shadow. Anyway, Reverber are a brave band because they are able to create long songs without losing in intensity and coherence and also because for an old-school thrash metal style eager to go beyond its classic borders. Right now, all you have to do is supporting this band in every way, also watching the video about the making of "Immortals" (above)! After the death metal band Morbo, here you are another metal pride from my city on these raw pages!


1 – Immortal
2 – The End of Your Life
3 – The Shining
4 – Amnesia Post-Murder
5 – Kamikaze
6 – Justice is Dead
7 – Eighteen Hundred
8 –Cancrena
9 – Ride of the Heroes

Marco “Mitraja” Serafini – vocals/guitars
Alessio Alessandretti – guitars
Valerio “Er Nutria” Strada – bass
Alessio Stazi - drums


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