venerdì 16 febbraio 2018

Moribund Records: somber news from Italy + scheduled re-release of the Profezia's third album!

Yesterday I received a somber news from the historic US black metal label Moribund Records regarding Marco de Rosa, the singer/guitarist/bassplayer that, in the old and recent past, played in many black metal bands from Italy like the Opera IX, Profezia, The True EndlessSkoll, Darkness and others.

In fact, Marco de Rosa aka M. passed away in 16th November 2017 at the age of 38 years after a long-term struggle with terminal illness. Unfortunately, the Italian black metal scene is now orphan of an artist and a man that gave so much to it since he was the sole mastermind of Huginn, a one-man band created in 1993, during the years of the most (dark) splendour of the second wave of black metal guided by the Norwegian demons.

Now, the intentions of Moribund Records regards the re-release of the last recording of Marco de Rosa with Profezia this spring, that's their third album "Oracolo Suicida" (Raging Bloodlust Records, 2013).

R.I.P Marco

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