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Infernal Blast - "Wolves Elitism Speech" (War Arts Productions, 2017)

Band: Infernal Blast
Title: Wolves Elitism Speech
Genre: Brutal Black Metal with Bestial Black/Death influences
Year: 21st September 2017
Time: 17 min
Rating: 73/100

There are bands that seem to come from some hostile and obscure dimensions such is their hate towards mankind and its idiotic world. This is exactly the case of Infernal Blast, a one-man band founded in 2012 by a completely demented French gasmask demon called Will. L Dominator. If you are ready for the Ultimate War, then I think that his debut EP "Wolves Elitism Speech" may be the perfect soundtrack to end definitely the world!

"Wolves Elitism Speech" opens with "Destruction Process", that starts with a scenario of devastation composed of terrified screams, shotgun fires and explosions, and then the song show already a music of pure merciless aggression from which there's no fukken escape! In fact, here you will listen to a carpet bombardment of rare proportions where the drum-machine is in an (almost) perennial blast-beat attack mode, the guitars plays incredibly brutal and sharp riffs with no melodic hooks and no guitar solos, the bass has a very raw sound but well highlighted into the mix, and the demented screams of Will. L Dominator draws a world where there are no emotions anymore, only cold unhumanity and endless barbarity.

You have to think that the level of intensity and aggression is so high that a number like "No Redemption No Remorse" lasts only 90 seconds circa in a pure grindcore-style and, in addition, many songs ends in a very violent abrupt way. Instead, "Abhorrent Vermin" is a song divided between an apocalyptic mid-tempo section and another one characterized by a classic blasting onslaught, so Infernal Blast, sometimes, is also able to slow down...for few seconds in order to make the music more fukken savage!
Ok, maybe "Wolves Elitism Speech" could be even more effective with a real drummer without using a drum-machine (but, if I don't like the drum-machine in general, I have to say that it has been well programmed here) and the variations are very few. But, despite all this, the intensity, the brutality and the sickness are such that this EP is a fukken must-have for every war metal maniac, playing an uncontrollable mix between the pure black metal à la Marduk (in fact, many riffs are purely black metal) and the bestial black/death metal à la Blasphemy. And finished this EP after 17 minutes of total oppression, the ears have been so brutalized that they want more! Fortunately for them, this French one-man death squad released recently the single "Wolf Hunting" that contains also two covers from Mortician and Von while I read that 4 new songs are ready to be unleashed for a new onslaught called "Nuclear Damnation"! So, prepare your gasmask and your radiation weapons to face...the INFERNAL BLAST!!!


1 - Destruction Process
2 - No Redemption No Remorse
3 - Abhorrent Vermin
4 - Wolf Hunting
5 - Organized Attack
6 - Cauterization and Berserker Rage


Will.L Dominator - vocals/guitars/bass/drum-machine

War Arts Prod:

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