Thursday, November 14, 2019

Come on, burn my ears! #2

Hey brutalbangers,
one month ago I didn't think I'd published the Timpani allo Spiedo's playlist on a monthly basis but, finally, here you are its second episode!
This time it is very various since it ranges from groove metal to melodic death metal, from the purest bestial black/death metal to grindcore, and without forgetting a bit of hardcore punk nor a bit of strange and innovative stuff.
In this new playlist, that you can play at the right of the blog, the bands from my country, Italy, are lesser if compared with the first playlist because they are "only" 9 while the bands from abroad are 11. Within these last ones, there are 3 acts coming from exotic countries like India, El Salvador and Tunisia, all surely not so known for their metal culture. In addition, even 3 bands are totally new on these pages because they weren't featured here before: I am talking about Scream3Days, Necrofili and Profane Order, that will be all reviewed on the next days to come.
So, the bands into this new playlist are the following, in their exact order:

1) Toxik Attack - "Prazer de Matar"
2) Of Fire - "The Filth and the Fury"
3) Iblis - "Vacatio Legis"
4) Psychoneurosis - "Brexshit"
5) Obscene Revenge - "Divided Countries"
6) Witchgöat - "Black Vomit of Souls"
7) Scream3Days - "Sweet Dirge"
8) Necrofili - "Campo de' Fiori"
9) Hellavista - "Robolution"
10) Chtulu - "Frankenstein"
11) Violent Opposition - "The Knowledge of Everything is a State of Being"
12) Profane Order - "Hexed (Defiling God's Child)"
13) Ayyur - "He, Who Dwells in the Trenches"
14) Sabotage - "The Order of Genocide"
15) I Maiali - "Cvlto"
16) Extinction Remains - "Human Presence (After the Earth)"
17) Gruzja - "Opuść mnie"
18) Rake-Off - "Out of Style"
19) Grevia - "Marked Bodies"
20) Crisis Benoit - "Night of the Living Deathmatches"

Playlist YouTube's link:

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