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Hey brutalbangers,
"Doom" by Nihilo has been a so surprising old-school death metal effort that I decided not only to put it into my 2018 TOP TEN but also to contact via FB this excellent Swiss band. So, the following is the interview to them, and I think it can be a good appetizer for their Italian fans (like me) before Nihilo will tour just in Italy between 7th and 9th February 2019. I can't wait for their gig in my city, Rome!


Hey guys! How are you? How started this 2019?

We are fine thanks. Hope you too? Yes, we started well, although quite calm because our singer is on holidays and most of us are busy working.

I see that you play a lot live. For you, how much is important playing at the gigs? How many shows you played in 2018?

Shows are really important to us. We still consider us as a liveband. The energy you have and receive on stage is different than in the studio and we love it. In 2018 we did 6 shows in a range of 2 months which is quite good, hehe.

Are your fans used to mosh during your live gigs? What are your songs that push your fans to mosh more?

Our fans celebrate our shows in different kinds of way, to each his own. To name a few, I would say "Once upon a time on a frozen lake, Infected and Antichrist".

I know that, between 7th and 9th February, you'll shortly tour in Italy along with the Italian death metal band Antropofagus. How did you manage to organize this tour and how did you come in touch with them? If I say correctly, isn't it the first time that you'll play in my country, right?

All went through our booking agency Etrurian Legion Promotion who was contacted by Morrigan Promotion which took the lead for this tour with Antropofagus. We played in March 2017 in Pescara with Acheronte and Ager Sanguinis, one of the best weekends ever.

In this tour, on 8th February, you'll play also in my city at Fucksia, a young pub that was opened one year ago and making a good name for itself in these days. What do you expect from this show? You must know that two very talented bands from Rome will start the show, and they are the elegant Gravestone and the bestial Thecodontion, both already hosted on this 'zine! 

We hope that a lot of people will attend the show and go crazy like maniacs. I like the bands and are looking forward to catch them live too.

I read that you recently produced your own Red Ale! How was born this idea? What it tastes like?

Marco's father has a brevwery called Old School, so the name just fit perfectly and we went for the idea to us his famous Red Ale for a Nihilo kind of beer. Since it's a craft beer, no industrial garbage, it's quite intense in taste. We love it.

I am wondering this for days: is your moniker, Nihilo, a homage to the pioneers of the Swedish death metal, Nihilist?

Haha, it may seem, and most of us are sure fans, but it has nothing to do with Nihilist. The band in the begining was called Ex-Nihilo ("out of nothing"), but was forced to change the name, so we just shortened it to Nihilo.

I think that now Switzerland is one of the most multi-ethnic nations in Europe, and your line-up is the ultimate confirmation of this. But did all of you born and raise in Switzerland, despite your own origins? But is Ragulan Indian or Sinhalese?

Yes, we were born and raised in Switzerland, although we have different nationalities in our veins. Ragulan is indeed from Sri Lanka.

I must say that, into the roster of your label, you're a bit strange since you play old-school death metal while Art Gates Records is known to support more modernist forms of metal. But how was born this collaboration between this excellent Spanish label and you?

Art Gates Records just contacted us and wanted to cooperate with us for a new full lenght, since they liked our previous work.

With your last album, "Doom", you gave life to a death metal clearly devoted to the old-school of the genre but contaminating it with many other extreme styles, so you range from doom to grindcore and even to hardcore punk, a genre that I love so much. Why do you love to mix all these genres? And the nicer thing is that you offer anyway a homogeneous sound that is mainly focused on a very violent and raw death metal!

We love extreme sounds, not only in metal genre, and so a mixture of all our tastes and influences gives breath to the monster called Nihilo.

When and where did you record the album? Was it happened something funny during the recording sessions that you would like to remember now?

We recorded "Doom" at Hiddenstash Tonstudio with Remo Häberli who already worked with E-L-R, Radwaste, Funeralopolis, Unhold and his own band Post Human Bigbang. The album was recorded in June 2018, mixing and mastering were done later on. We always have good and funny moments, I don't think we have a very special thing to point out this time haha! Everything went quite smooth.

What represent the cover artwork of "Doom" and who made it? I realized that the cover artwork of "Doom" is darker and more tradionally death metal-oriented if compared with the artworks of your first two albums. Do you find right this observation of mine?

The artwork was made by MFA XII. He already did our artwork for the "Antichrist" EP. It reflects the album title. There is the mainfigure, the evil, Satan, call it how ever you want, that embraces and wants to carrie away the innocence represented by this female (some say virgin) figure. In front of it all that is part of humanity`s evilness and doom, means murder, slaughter, corruption and so on.
Yes, it is different compared to the other albums. We wanted something that fits the music, the atmosphere, the title, so after a more epic, colorful art, it was time to go to simple black and white which showcases the more simplistic approach.

With a title so synthetically bleak like "Doom", what are the themes of the songs? The lyrics aren't happy for sure? In particular, what is "Abuse of Confidence" about? This track has a really strange title! Anyway, I want again to congratulate with Ragulan, that gave life to a very engaging vocal performance!

Thanks on behalf of Ragulan.
Yes, the lyrics are dark, even darker this time. A lot of things happened in the world since our last effort, everything is going downwards, that`s why we chose "Doom" as the title. All the lyrics talk about our doom. "Abuse of Confidence" speaks about governments abusing their power, abusing the confidence of their citizens, something you could also attach to religious communities. Other lyrics deal with death which prevails and destroys everything, which in a positive way leads to a new possibility for humanity to rebuild everything new for a better life.

Leaving aside the fact that you play death metal, why do you love to sing about so negative lyrical themes?

Well, not everything is flower power and nice in life. Even If most of us have or had a great life so far, there is too much evil in this world which can`t be ignored and death metal is a good form to speak about those things.

Do you think that the typical lyrics of the death metal genre generally want to give a clear message about life and death or are they simply an end in themselves?

The listeners should decide for themselfs, but death metal is about death and destruction. Sometimes clear, sometimes more cryptic, metaphorical. Each band will choose their way of writing lyrics. I like different kinds “typical” death metal lyrics so to speak. It doesn`t have to be closed in itself and to be cliché at all.

Ultimately I hosted some Swiss bands on this 'zine, and I need to say that the Swiss metal deserve a lot! But, in according to your opinion, what are the pros and cons of your metal scene (extreme and not)? Are there some bands in particular that you would like to suggest us?

Currently Swiss bands seem to be more in the focus of the media and fans. Pro maybe the possibility to play almost everywhere in the country, and to build a quite good fanbase. Contra depending on the goals of a band could be the small scene itself, for not being a big country like maybe Germany. There are tons of good bands. Depending if you are open minded or not, bands like E-L-R, Defaced, Post Human Bigbang, Dakhma, Eggs of Gomorrh, Unhold, Murge, Cremation, Deathcult, Occam`s Razor and many more might be some to check out for sure besides more known acts like Requiem, Triptykon, Bölzer, Krokus…

Of your country, I visited only Lugano, so I never visited your town, Bern. How much is strong the metal scene of Bern? What are the locations in which it's possibile to attend good metal and also hardcore punk gigs? So, I'll know where to go when I'll be in Bern hahah!

Not that much right now. Grafiti, ISC, Dachstock, Cafete are some of the locations where regularly showcases good bands.

Future news? Aside the Italian tour, obviously!

We are looking forward to play as much as possible to spread "Doom" over the world. Just contact Etrurian Legion Promotion. Maybe some clips and new songs shall take it`s for this year.

Ok guys, the interview is now ended, so I'm going to leave you the last word. And see you on 8th February also to talk in person with a good beer!

Thank you very much for the interview Flavio, see you in Rome, see you on tour. Keep supporting death fukking metal!

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