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Vessel of Iniquity - "Vessel of Iniquity" (Self-released, 2016; Xenoglossy Prod/Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 2017)

Band: Vessel of Iniquity
Title: Vessel of Iniquity
Genre: Noisy Black/Death Metal
Year: 25th September 2016 (self-released
19th January 2017 (Xenoglossy Productions/Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Time: 15 min
Rating: 73/100

Hi everyone! After a couple of weeks accompanied by diseases and depression, finally I picked up this brand new EP and I started listen to it...OMG...whatta fuck is that? this was what I thought right after I finished listening to this EP. What am I talking about?

I am talking about the debut EP of the UK-based one-man black/avantgarde/noise project Vessel of Iniquity. Let's see something about it.
This project came to light in 2016 by the sick (master)minded S.P. White but it is only one of the many projects in which he is involved. In fact, he is active in the extreme metal scene since the mid-'90s with other underground acts as The NULLL Collective, Uncertainty Principle and Thoraxembalmer. In these projects he proposes (he almost always the only member of his sick creatures) sounds that ranges from funeral doom to black metal.

This eponymous EP is another release of the Italian extreme metal label Xenoglossy Productions but this time in collaboration with the American label Sentient Ruin Laboratories, who dealt with products for the US market. It is interesting (and as well as risky in my opinion for such a type of recording) the choice for this EP, originally self-edited in 2016, to release it on various supports like CD, digital and also including vinyl and tape. Both Xenoglossy and Sentient Ruin released the EP in tape with the same cover artwork but embellished with different colours (specifically, Xenoglossy handled the "Silver Edition" while Sentient Ruin the "Gold Edition"). And the same treatment will go to the vinyl versions of the EP, scheduled for 30th April 2018.

Let's talk about the music itself. This three tracks EP condense, in a little more than 15 minutes, an extremely noisy and violent black metal, a mind blogging sound blast managed by the (ab)use of a disturbing blackened death metal filled in by a deranged use of electronic power. More specifically, the sound of Vessel of Iniquity, along with the more blackened sound, has a marked experimental and avantgardistic side. This work seems to pick up some atmospheres and sounds from the late works of the Swedish black metal band Abruptum and some influences by other European bands such as the Spanish death/black metal duo Teitanblood and the French industrial black metal Blacklodge.

In the first song "Void of Existential Terror", the music pushes you directly in an insane vortex of drum guitars and piercing super evil screams. The vocals of S.P. White is surrounded by a fast and obsessive drumming that comes along with a sickening and powerful guitarline. The sound flow into a sort of hell-like space where only the obsessive sound looks to have a sense.

The second track "Where Even Nothing is Something", at the beginning, smashes in a superfast guitarline in contrast with a drumming decisevely slower, but, going on with the this martyrium, the rhythm rises but the atmosphere become less mindlbasting.

The closing number "Choronzon" is opened by a calm intro where, finally, the quiet seem to be arrived but this is just a brief moment because it is an agonizing prelude that leads us to another fierce and uncontrollable sound blast. Just at the end of the song, a creepy vocal evocation seems to me to be not the end but the beginning of something that will come afterwards.

Maybe S.P. White wants to lead the listeners to discover the secret bounds of his mind and reveal them what is inside it. The dark, powerful and strongly echoed sound make us float in another dimension where only evil and darkness reign.

For now, I think that this vessel sailed over a lot and reached a result enough good: but I should say that this EP is to be handled with care, it is only for fanatics of piercing and despairing vocals, filled with killer riffs and overrounded by extremely furious noises. If you are this kind of person, you well love this EP...for sure. For the others, it's better for you to keep out or it will annihilate you!


1 - Void of Existential Terror
2 - Where Even Nothing is Something
3 - Choronzon


S.P. White - vocals/guitars/bass/drums

Xenoglossy Prod:
Sentient Ruin Laboratories:

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