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Morbid Messiah - "In the Name of True Death Metal" (Self-released, 2016; Godz ov War Prod, 2017)

Band: Morbid Messiah
Title: In the Name of True Death Metal
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 6th October 2016 (Self-release); 16th April 2017 (Godz ov War Prod)
Time: 21 min
Rating: 75/100

"In the Name of True Death Metal": this is a fuckin' great title! Especially because this debut EP of Morbid Messiah, self-released in 2016 but reprinted on demotape by the Polish label Godz ov War Prod, is truly fuckin' amazing! But we are talking about a very young band because born in 2015 and that, at the time of the recordings of this EP and in according to Metal-Archives, was a trio composed by the singer José Rivas, the guitarist Roberto Trejo and the female drummer Anubis Sandoval, 3 hyper-angry Mexicans influenced mainly by bands like Sadistic Intent, Possessed and Maim and that are now a quartet thanks to the addition of the bassplayer Guillermo Lopez. But now we have to see what is the "True Death Metal" made by Morbid Messiah!

This EP presents 6 songs preceded by a very haunting "Intro" where everything is already clear especially due to José that, with his catacomb growls, welcome the listeners into the reign of "horror and despair", "sickness and depravation" of Morbid Messiah. So, the massacre starts with "I Am Your Lord", and it is already an infernal pleasure for the most diehard death metal fans!

In fact, the death metal played by the band is simple, raw and incredibly brutal also because, thanks to the hammering drumming of Anubis, songs like "Putrid Voices", "From Human to Fiend" and, especially, "Legions of Death" are fast and merciless with no fuckin' slowdowns while, instead, other episodes titled "Sacrificed for Worship" and the long "Condemned to Hell Sores" (more dynamic than the usual) starts slow and very macabre. Fantastic is also the performance of Roberto since he is able to create cavernous riff playing guitar solos that have a truly remarkable level of chaos and violence. And then there is the voice of José, already perfect with his catacomb growls but absolutely bestial when he vomit here and there very frightful screams that seems seriously to be coming from other terrible dimensions, such is their extreme ferocity!
But do you know what is the best fantastic thing of this EP? That its second part is even decisively better if compared with the first one thanks to an amazing trio of songs composed of "From Human to Fiend", "Condemned to Hell Sores" and the conclusive and ultra-intense "Legions of Death", all tracks very engaging also because they have their own memorable moments that I have absolutely to mention. So, here you are the final restart that, preceded by a short guitar break, ends "From Human to Fiend" with an awfully endless violence. Or here you are, immediately after the oppressive doom start of "Condemned to Hell Sores", a surprising drum solo, a thing that I haven't heard in a death metal production (but extreme in general) for a bunch of time! And, finally, here you are the ultra-chaotic song "Legions of Death" where José vomit a legendary "This is fuckin' death METAAAAL!" screaming the word "Metal" in an ultra-freezing way and ending the track with an arrogant and misanthropic "FUCK YOU ALL!". Fuck, death metal has to be done in a certain way, and the way found by Morbid Messiah is perfect!

So, "In the Name of True Death Metal" is an EP that keep the promises of its sanguinary title. This because the music of Morbid Messiah has an unstoppable fury, barnstorming inventions, a haunting atmosphere and, especially, a singer strong of a kind of very personal screams and, already only for this, he is the real point of force of this band. The only flaw I found is given by the production because the voice of José is maybe too high if compared with the rhythm guitar. Said this, I can't wait to listen to new Morbid Messiah's stuff also to test in studio the new entry Guillermo Lopez. And that's all folks, and may your souls be possessed by the death metal godz!

1 - Intro
2 - I Am Your Lord
3 - Putrid Voices
4 - Sacrificed for Worship
5 - From Human to Fiend
6 - Condemned to Hell Sores
7 - Legions of Death


José Rivas - vocals
Roberto Trejo - guitars
Anubis Sandoval - drums

Godz ov War Prod:

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