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The Nutries - "Nuova Vita" (Self-released, 2016)

Band: The Nutries
Title: Nuova Vita
Genre: Metallic Hardcore Punk
Time: 15 min
Year: 7th December 2016
Rating: 74/100

After Rejekts, here you are also the return on these blasphemous pages of The Nutries, 5 guys from Vicenza (Italy) yet reviewed by me 4 years ago in occasion of their first EP with the same name. This time we'll talk about "Nuova Vita" ("New Life" in Italian), the new EP of The Nutries preceded by a split in collaboration with the Argentinian fastcore band Talacactus released on September 2016. I have given a bunch of space to the "core" bands during this month (Rotten UK, Perikato, Rejekts and Força Macabra) and this series continues, indeed, with The Nutries, which dubs their music as "dirty hardcore punx". But, as you'll see very soon, this is just a definition.

In fact, the attitude of these angry guys is surely HC. This is shown, for example, by the lyrics of "Nuova Vita" since they are both existentialist and deeply anti-authoritarian due to very violent verses like "BURN THEIR UNIFORMS, CRUSH THEIR HEADS!" ("Servi del Potere"- "Servants of the Power") adding also some enviromentalist themes.

But, musically, the band combines perfectly the spontaneous energy of punk/HC with the more technical harshness of metal so to offer a very dynamic and intense assault able to range rythmically even from slow tempos (yet listenable in the ecologist opening track "La Terra Trema" - "The Earth Trembles") to devastating blast-beats (as in the final duet comprised of "Servi del Potere" and "B.B.B. Revenge"). Instead, the atmosphere of the various songs is enough peculiar because it is dark due to a riffing often very close to black metal but, despite the presence of two guitarists into the line-up, forget completely every kind of guitar solo. Very good (and also comprehensible) are the suffocated screams of Alex, accompanied, in certain moments, by the growls of the guitarist Spillo in order to create some frantic verbal crossfires like in the conclusive "B.B.B. Revenge". Finally, there is need to mention also the participation at the guest vocals of Alby, singer of the very known power violence band CxOxSx (from Veneto), in the song "False Sembianze" ("False Images"), so to bombard the listeners with his ultra-violent screams à la early Raw Power.
So, "Nuova Vita", despite its title, doesn't offer a new sound nor real new features to the assault of The Nutries. But I have noted a more metallic way while the songs are more elaborated and well arranged than the recent past. In addition to all this, we are talking about an EP full of a very big intensity also because its 9 songs ranges from 70 to 110 seconds circa for an average lenght of un minute and 30 seconds. Now there is every premise for the release of a true full-lenght album! But now, my dears, stop with HC for the moment because the next review will be about a black metal band...before to reviewing the new album of the grindsters Agathocles!


1 - La Terra Trema
2 - Liquame
3 - Chi seguire? Cosa Fare?
4 - Silenzio
5 - Nuova Vita
6 - False Sembianze
7 - Odor di Naftalina
8 - Servi del Potere
9 - B.B.B. Revenge


Alex - vocals
Spillo - guitar/vocals
Giulio - guitar
Bari - bass
Andrea - drums


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