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Insulters - "Metal Still Means Danger" (Unholy Prophecies, 2017)

Band: Insulters
Title: Metal Still Means Danger
Genre: Black/Thrash metal
Year: 1st January 2017
Time: 38 min
Rating: 75/100

"Metal Still Means Danger": the true metal has always been a danger and it has always frightened the so-called common people, especially since a pack of Norwegians (any resemblance to persons living or deceased is.. "purely coincidental"!) started to burn some churches during the early '90s' years. An annoying problem is that, ultimately, you can find the t-shirts of some mainstream metal bands like Megadeth or Metallica into some ultra-commercial stores of my city, and maybe the regular people buy these items without they knows really something about those bands. Fortunately, the metal like it is really with his hostile and non-commercial purposes is clearly expressed into skullbreaking albums like "Metal Still Means Danger"!

"Metal Still Means Danger", released by the young German label Unholy Prophecies, is the second album of Insulters, a Spanish quartet born in 2008 that, after their debut "We Are the Plague" (that was also the first album released by the aforementioned label), has spewed forth 9 new songs which represents a real orgy of a raw 'n' crude black/thrashing metal. The approach choosen by Insulters, lack of pure black metal riffs, combines the street and punkish assault of Motӧrhead with the sepulchral and pestilential aura of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. Hence, expect a black/thrash metal characterised mainly by a good dynamism which comprehend also some slow-tempos and blast-beats (both are present, for the first time, starting from the third track "Icons & Symbols"), literally sludgy guitars with occasional guitar solos, and a sickening plethora of vocals comprised basically of black metal screams but there are also some disturbing voices à la Thomas Gabriel Warrior.

For me, the album is ideally divided in 2 distinct parts. I say this because the first one consists of more direct and shorter songs as shown by numbers with very aptly titles like "Highway of Death", that opens with the roar of an infernal bike, or the indomable "Bang Your Fucking Skull", which is a non-stop headbanging massacre with no fuckin' slowdowns. Instead, the second part, that starts from the 5 minutes of "Forged in Hell's Fire", is comprised mostly of more dynamic and longer songs as "Burn with the Witch" or the same titletrack, that ends the album after 6 minutes where there is every feature of Insulters, including some fantastic basslines. Moreover, between "Burn with the Witch" and the titletrack, there is "Here Falls the Hammer", that smells so like Celtic Frost to remind to me their mega-classic "Circle of the Tyrants"!

Okay guys, all this is "Metal Still Means Danger", a full-lenght album with no frills, no ornaments and no fuckin' useless things, only simple aggression and crudeness in the name of unholy Metal. Also if this album isn't a masterpiece, it is very listenable especially due to songs like "Highway of Death", "Bang Your Fucking Skull", "Burn with the Witch" and "Here Falls the Hammer" while the crudeness of all this is emphasized by a very raw production...that make more dangerous Insulters to every regular fuckin' people!


1 - Age of Terror
2 - Highway of Death
3 - Icons & Symbols
4 - Bang Your Fucking Skull
5 - Forged in Hell's Fire
6 - Bastard Soldiers
7 - Burn with the Witch
8 - Here Falls the Hammer
9 - Metal Still Means Danger


Blasphemic Vomitor - vocals
Skeleton Grinder - guitars
Nuclear Cummer - bass
Bourbon Devastator - drums


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