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Throneum - "Morbid Death Tales" (Hells Headbangers Records, 2016)

Band: Throneum
Title: Morbid Death Tales
Genre: Black/Death metal
Year: 2016
Time: 32 min
Rating: 88/100

You can read the review about the split "A Prophecy of Nihilism" through the following link:

Wow! “Morbid Death Tales”, the 7th full-length album of the Throneum (a veteran band founded as Throne in 1996), is a true masterpiece of pure destruction! But it’s strange: in fact, the Polish duo Throneum (but now they are a trio with the recent addition of the drummer Diabolizer) is very prolific also due to releasing an album every two years from 2001 to 2011 but the more recent album is here among us after even 5 years from the 6th one. In the middle between the last two albums, there is especially a bunch of splits, like “A Prophecy of Nihilism”, the split with the Aussie war-machine Destruktor, reviewed by me 2 years ago through the pages of (link above). But, if I didn’t like so much that split, “Morbid Death Tales” is…well, I said it yet but it’s a “TRUE MASTERPIECE OF PURE DESTRUCTION”!

Describing this album isn’t difficult: because it’s the Absolute Evil! Specifically, it has comprised of 11 songs of a black/death metal so wild, so raw and so furious to spew forth an exaggerated grinding intensity, also because, in the classic Throneum-style, the various songs are often short (1 – 2 minutes), especially concerning the 60 seconds of pure devastation of “Withered Weeds”. Ergo, “Morbid Death Tales” is the triumph of the most barbaric ultra-violence with its quasi-perennial blast – beats (and tupa-tupas), not forgetting some hallucinated riffs à la Hellhammer and the bestial vocal performance of The Great Executor. NO FUCKIN’ COMPROMISE!
But, at the same time, “Morbid Death Tales” is also an album full of malign atmosphere with some freezing ritualistic moments. If you want to have the perfect synthesis between the furious side and the more atmospheric one of the Throneum, then listen to the fantastic “The Starry Dust Inside Me”, that has a damned doomish conclusion focused on the ritualistic tom-toms of Diabolizer, in one of the very few slowdowns of the entire album. So, I don’t know if you are agreed with me but, during these doom moments, Throneum reminds me a lot of the US Manticore, other blasphemers with a similar approach.

The nice thing is that, after 9 songs of merciless massacre, the last two ones (“Cacus” and “Psalm18(17)1”) shows completely the doomish and ritualistic side of the Throneum. Of the two aforementioned tracks, I prefer the latter one because it’s very fuckin’ tribal and hypnotic before ending with a perverse Gregorian chant so to resume, in a certain way, the intro of the opening track “Darkness of Another Circle”, that is the first part of a trio of songs with the same title (see tracklist).
All in all, it’s sure that “Morbid Death Tales” is an album that lacks in variety but, said sincerely, who cares! Also because the total fury of the music is greatly emphasized by the dirty and raw production of the album but it’s so “dirty and raw” that it seems to be into the rehearsal room along with the band while these guys rapes their own instruments! So, if you are fans of Blasphemy, Beherit, Manticore and Hellhammer and if you like when the most putrid fury is combined with a lot of satanic atmosphere, then you must buy this album without thinking two times!
1 – Darkness of Another Circle (I)
2 – Darkness of Another Circle (II)
3 – Darkness of Another Circle (III)
4 – Inner Eye…Fallen Asleep
5 – The Great Project of Satan
6 – Coincidentia Oppositorum
7 – Withered Weeds
8 – The Starry Dust Inside Me
9 – Belial
10 – Cacus
11 – Psalm18(17)1

The Great Executor – vocals/guitars
Armagog – bass
Diabolizer – drums

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