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Deadly Carnage - "Chasm" (Self-released, 2016)

Band: Deadly Carnage
EP's title: Chasm
Genre: Post-Black metal
Year: 2016
Time: 9 min circa
Rating: 60/100

To celebrate 10 years of activity from their foundation dated 21 December 2006, the Italians Deadly Carnage (from Rimini, Emilia-Romagna) have had a good idea: self-releasing a two-song EP titled "Chasm" recorded at the De Opera Studio of Viserba (Rimini) between July and October 2015. They did this EP in a very big way releasing it in vinyl and CD formats with commemorative pin, autographed photo, the psychotic video of "Hole of Mirrors" displayable on YouTube plus a cover artwork by their guitarist Alexios. So much efforts deserves a good review on Timpani allo Spiedo 'zine!

The Deadly Carnage have always been a brave black metal band since their debuts also because able to evolve their sound production from production. Until the two songs of "Chasm", where these guys shows a very atmospheric post-black metal with a bunch of melodies so melancholic to give to it a real desperate aura. But this is due also to the vocals of Marcello, who ranges from good clean vocals to desperate screams focusing meanwhile about existentialist themes. Alas, the music of Deadly Carnage is characterized exclusively by mid/slow tempos while the structure of the songs, considering an approach based more on the emotions than the impact, is very "reflexive" because it hasn't real climaxes, so the guitar solos are completely absent here.

Hence, the style of Deadly Carnage reminds me a lot of bands like the Dutchmen An Autumn for a Crippled Children. But I don't like so much a similar style, especially in a song a little static like "Night Was the End" (but it has some excellent verses like "where do you go with your art?", almost a self-reflection on the Deadly Carnage's work). Instead, "Hole of Mirrors" ends the EP in a very good way.

But in short, "Chasm" has only two songs for 9 minutes circa, too little for an exhaustive vote. So, a simple 60 for the Deadly Carnage and we are waiting them for their 4th album!


1 - Night Was the End
2 - Hole of Mirrors


Marcello - vocals
Dave - guitars
Alexios - guitars/synths
Adres - bass
Marco Ceccarelli - drums/percussions


You can read my old review (in Italian) about the 2nd album of Deadly Carnage ("Sentieri II - Ceneri") through this link:

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